Superstar shake up

So we all know that the superstar shakeup is coming the week after wrestlemania and that normally the whole thing means absolutely nothing because it’S just random appearance and they’re really no big drama coming off those shows.

So i thought of something that might be interesting and could make the process better.

First off all, you should threat NXT as the third brand, it’s already kinda is anyway, why not make it official.

Then have all three GM on both raw and smackdown, you could tape a special episode of NXT with the same concept to air after both raw and smackdown air or just have a special draft edition of NXT the wednesday after the shakeup where you do a couple of trade between leftover matches, it could also be a special 2 hour edition of NXT so that you can fit everything in.

So now it build up the suspense a little bit more because you have the NXT factor to considered since guys that are on Raw or smackdown can go back or just go to NXT now and vice versa. It would mix up the talent pool of all brands and make for some really interesting match up.