Superstar Shakeup roster changes from SmackDown Live

I have to say that WWE dropped the ball in a big way during the whole shake-up when it comes to one guy: Drew McIntyre. He was interviewed on the Takeover pre-show and stated emphatically when he was coming back he was going to take Almas head. It would have served both men to introduce Almas on Raw, have Vega cut a killer promo and then have McIntyre emerge from the back…Let them resolve their NXT feud on RAW…It would have been a fresh program and they could have spent a little time re-capping their last match.

It’s sad to say, but Ziggler is becoming an anchor. His feud with Corbin when Corbin was called up did nothing for either man. He might do the same to McIntyre, even as an ally. They should have brought McIntyre in as a face because he has ready made programs with Almas and even Jinder Mahal waiting for him…

HBKlone Ziggler finally gets his Diesel

While I agree with the idea, the issue is that the main roster storylines rarely call back to NXT stories, outside of passing references and short video packages. I think their logic is that the RAW/SDL audience doesn’t have a significant enough overlap with the NXT audience, even though Takeover attendance and fan reaction to major call-ups would indicate otherwise.

Ziggler is so trash right now. Saying that… this pairing of Ziggler/Drew might just lead to Drew turning on a slimey Ziggler, maybe cause “its all about Ziggler” and Drew thinks its time for the old guys to get out of the.

Im glad I’'m not the only one who’s head is spinning RE McIntyre and Almas. Now he’s not even on the same brand, forgoing the opportunity to chase down Almas.

Ziggler always been trash…overselling doesn’t make anyone good.Thats like saying an overactor is good.