superstar shakeup: who's moving

so the superstars shakeup is next week, so the question is, who moving to a different show and who’s staying put.

So i feel like one of the major get for Smackdown will be Jeff Hardy. They pretty much did the goodbye segment between him and matt this week and told us that Jeff is accepting the fact that Bray is his partner now. So i feel he almost a guaranteed switch for next week.

Another one i wouldn’t be surprise they switch to Smackdown is the miz. Now that Bryan is cleared to wrestled, you kinda have to do a match between the 2 at some point.

The uso’s i feel could very well get sent to raw since they really don’T have anything else to do on smackdown.

I could even see them experimenting something by switch one of the new superstars that started on the main roster. It would be weird to debut somebody on raw or smackdown just to switch them to following week but it would bring the unpredictability of the whole thing if let’s say the authors of pain debuts one raw and get switch to smackdown next week.

Jeff moving is a good shout man, I hadn’t even considered him.

I’m hoping Bryan stays put and Miz moves over to SmackDown with the MizTourage in tow so that we can get that fued.

I’d like to see The Revival over on SmackDown too.

I don’t see anyone but Matt and Bray winning those RAW titles, so The Bar to SmackDown works.

As for the RAW women, the only name that sticks out to me as likely to move over is Sonya Deville; she’s the other MMA alum and she’s facing an uphill battle on the same show as Ronda, might as well split her and Mandy now that Paige is otherwise engaged and give her a shot at forging her own path on SDL.

Sin Cara and Chad Gable could be useful on 205 Live and are doing nothing on SmackDown right now, so a move to RAW could benefit them.

I’d also move The Usos or The New Day over but not both because they’ve been together all year and could do with fresh opponents.

Dunno which ladies I see moving. Perhaps Naomi and/or Nattie?

If we’re getting crazy with it though I’d trade the cruisers to SmackDown, have all the women on RAW, ditch Main Event and make it an all women’s action hour so that they can create mid-card and tag team titles for the division which gives them far more opportunities than having them split between brands and fighting over one championship on each show…

But I’ve been saying that for over a year now and WWE continue to no-sell my awesome idea.

If the Usos move over to Raw, do they get paired with Roman?

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It would be nice if they explained how it works instead of people just showing up like last year

Since next week is being banded as a “shake-up” and not a “draft” I expect it to be exactly like last year where wrestlers just show up randomly on the new show. I don’t necessarily think there’s anything wrong with that because it did mean a lot of surprises on TV and afterwards they would have the GM’s explain some of the roster moves.

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Randy Orton > Raw (Kill this Mahal feud early)
Dolph Ziggler > Raw (Why not?)
Baron Corbin > Raw (Another big man for Vince on Raw to keep him happy)
New Day > Raw (Matches against The Usos are great but time to seperate them and also avoid the awkwardness with the new SmackDown GM…)
Natalya > Raw (Why not?)

Finn Balor > SD (4 way against AJ Styles, Bryan & Nakamura needs to happen)
Jeff Hardy > SD (Would just be a 3rd wheel in whatever they’re doing with Matt & Bray)
Cesaro > SD (The Bar are buried, save Cesaro)
The Revival > SD (They need reviving)
Sasha Banks > SD (Still have the match against Bayley happen at Backlash and then end this fued that decided to show up late)

I’m wondering about Roman right now. They shit the bed with him at Mania and it looks like they’re trying for a do over at the Saudi Arabia show, but win lose or draw in that cage his first feud back is with the universally respected Samoa Joe and while I’d prefer Bryan stay on SmackDown there’s a very real possibility he moves to RAW, which just means that regardless what they book for him creatively, the majority of the crowd will want Bryan at the top and cheer for him over Roman even if they aren’t working together.

No matter what they do now, Roman is headed down a path where he has no choice but to turn heel and hit refresh on his character. He was previously salvageable as a face but Vince wanted the long, epic struggle against Brock and not just one F5 but multiple of them - the crowd checked out and turned and now Roman is whining about getting a re-match he hasn’t earned for a title he should be craving. It doesn’t look good.

I’ve wanted a Samoan faction for so long that the original version of it included not only Roman and the Usos, but Nia Jax and Eva Marie - back when they were a thing in NXT. Eva Marie was the valet for Roman and a way to really push he was no longer the family man having tea-parties with his daughter. Obviously that’s not happening now; Nia’s face and Eva Marie is gone… but there’s always options.

If they’re gonna turn Roman heel, yes - pair him with the Usos and call the group Aiga or something. If he’s staying face he needs to move over to SmackDown and try something new.

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So this by far what I really want, but will never happen. 1) Switch Smackdown to 3 hours and Raw to 2 hours. 2) Trade Samoa Joe to Smackdown for Randy Orton. That Smackdown program would be friggen awesome!!

Another unrealistic fantasy booking. Make Roman go through a semi-long losing streak. Similar to what happened to Almas in NXT, excluding the clubbing storyline. Have Roman lose his confidence or “Lose his Smile”. And have him claw his way back up from NXT.

Deja Vu. I remember reading the exact same stuff about Cena for years with the same logic. And WWE never officially turned him and at this point never will. WWE has been the same kind of stubborn with Reigns. I don’t believe they will ever turn him.

And I disagree that they really need to for one reason. The Shield! Once Ambrose is back the three of them can get back together and get the fans back on Roman’s side. That was already starting to happen last fall before Ambrose got injured.

Didn’t they separate Reigns away from Rollins & Ambrose before Ambrose got injured? Don’t think they genuinely want to do a proper Shield reunion. Rollins & Ambrose were failing with what they were doing at the time and they knew it would help Reigns so they did it. Abandoned it after a few weeks when they thought it was enough. And Seth is doing his own thing now.

RAW: Usos, Naomi, Bobby Roode, Daniel Bryan and Chad Gable

SD: Balor, Gallows/Anderson, Apollo, Jeff Hardy and Sonya Deville.

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I’d love to see MIz and Balor move to Smackdown and Orton to RAW. Then have the US and Intercontinental Titles swap brands in Saudi Arabia. Let Miz and Bryan feud on Smackdown over the IC title and have a program with Orton and Cesaro on RAW.

Bobby Roode
Randy Orton
Sarah Logan or Liv Morgan
Drew McIntyre

Seth Rollins
Jeff hardy
Cien Almas
Gallows and Anderson

Maybe I’m judging it a little harshly but I personally feel like Roman is in a far worse position now with the fans than Cena ever was.

I also don’t think they can coast for the next four-to-six months while we wait on Ambrose healing up, especially when it’s entirely possible that Rollins or Roman is going to SmackDown in the Shake-Up; without the Shield all on the same brand, there is no Shield reunion at all.

No. It felt like it because of the way it fell apart but the reformed the Shield, then Roman got sick and missed the first official match as a group at TLC, then within a month or so Dean was out injured. They were trying to give Roman a rub with the positive response they knew a Shield reunion would bring, and for a while it worked, but once Ambrose was confirmed out of action for up to nine months they just let it slowly fizzle out. They’ve made sure to have Reigns and Rollins working together a bunch since, just to keep that in people’s minds but at this point they are two separate entities for sure.


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Not to play devils advocate on this, but i feel that Reigns in that bad of a position right now, Sure on t.v. he gets mostly booed compared to what you’re typical babyface is getting, but they still react positively to him when he does is comeback. The other thing that makes me think that he in a pretty good position is that, he’s making a shit load of money from merchandise sale right now. According To Dave Meltzer right now he’s pretty much tied with AJ Styles as the number 2 merchandise seller in the company, so while the smart fans don’t like him or whatever, their a lot of other fans that actually do love him enough to spend money on his merchandise.

Also from my own personal experience, when he wrestles at live events, He mostly one of the most popular guy on the show. So i don’t fell like he’s in that bad of a place. I do think he need some sort of makeover, made take the bullet proof vest off and just wrestled with is t-shirt on or shirtless. But all in all i think he’s in a pretty decent spot.

i Think maybe if you send Aj Styles to Raw and Roman Reigns to Smackdown that a fresh start on a new brand would help get the smart fans on his side because the guy as really all the tools to be the next big star when the Cena,Bryan & Orton leaves for good.

I see what you’re saying but bear in mind that we’ve not seen him wrestle since WrestleMania. We have no idea how the crowd is reacting to his matches after failing so magnificently on the grandest stage of them all. That match left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths and his promo the night after just made it worse. Now everyone seems to be of the belief that he’s winning in Saudi Arabia in the hopes that the crowd will be more favourable towards him and that’s just causing more animosity towards him.

You’re not wrong that before Mania people were reacting positively to his comeback and his reactions and actions in certain situations but the catalyst for his current predicament was WrestleMania 34’s main event. So yeah, maybe I’ve jumped the gun and maybe I’m making predictions of doom and gloom where none exist - but we currently exist in a state of limbo until we see how regular WWE TV crowds react to him, which we may not actually get until after Backlash at this rate.