Supplementary draft done! Who won the draft after the draft ?

Today WWE has announced more moves that were part of night one of the WWE Draft, with many of the ‘free agents’ getting picked up.

Joining the WWE Raw brand will be:

  • EC3
  • Eric Young
  • Sin Cara

Joining the WWE SmackDown brand will be:

  • Apollo Crews
  • Drew Gulak
  • Heath Slater
  • Tamina
  • The B-Team

Who won??

I have to go with Smackdown again. Apollo and Tamina are decent and the B team is always fun.

Still undrafted

  • Cesaro
  • Humberto Carrillo
  • Akira Tozawa
  • Shorty Gable

Personally I’m stunned Cesaro and Shorty still on the board

Those four to NXT?

Maybe! But shorty gable was already there

Looking at those names in the first post and I wish to chew through my throat.

I mean I’m not sure it will matter but Smackdown. Gulak is great, Apollo has a lot of potential B team is some tag team depth. As is Tamina in the women’s division The Raw picks are guys that only really get time on main event.

Tamina could be a real challenger. Along with Nia when she’s back.

Assuming Bayley and Sasha stay on Smackdown and Charlotte goes to Raw the Smackdown side lacks serious depth at the women’s babyface side

Maybe a face run for Tamina and Nia?

Weren’t they on these brands to begin with

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I wouldn’t be so positive on Tamina and the B Team. Tamina has one facial expression, she’s wooden in the ring and she’s very bad on the mic.

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In your face AEW !


So was Cesaro, and Finn Balor.

Smackdown. Blue geek shirts look better than red and wearing them will be the only noteworthy thing these names will be doing.

You take that back…Smackdown is getting
1.) A former cruiserweight champ
2.) The former Raw tag team champions
3.) 2 former 24/7 champions
4.) a 4 time tag team champion and slammy award winner

Drew Gulak is one of the best in WWE. I’m a huge fan, so I hope they don’t mess him up.

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I wanted him in NXT I have no hope for him on the main roster