Survivor series discussion thread.

I just wanted to start this to say how obnoxious I find Jerry lawler, the second I see him on screen, my heart sinks.


I miss Renee on the kickoff, but happy she’s on commentary. I’m not totally sold on Coach as the lead person for the panel.


Agree completely, she always felt natural. Coach just goes through the motions.

Lawler thinks it’s more important to make a terrible height joke than it is to build up an entire division and the new big heel tag team. What is his value?

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Attitude Era Nostalgia.

Dude. Did Victor just mess his knee up?

usos vs revival give them 20mn and take my money

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Think Kalisto and viktor both got hurt.

Really enjoyed second half of that match,

yeah I don’t know why, the start was rushed and then they took their time.

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Please tell me the cruiserweight match is on the main card now, otherwise they have 0 time.

It’s a shame they make everyone wear those awful Raw/Smackdown shirts…instead of just simply wearing colour coordinated gear (which some do anyway). They look especially ridiculous worn over gear like Nia Jax’s.


Why did they have to make Nakamura look like a smurf?

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Papa Smurfsuke.


Didn’t care about this concept before but they’ve already made me care less. The SmackDown tag team win doesn’t count even though it was Raw v. SmackDown? Fuck off. There are interesting matches on here but the wrestlers having to wear those shirts makes them all look stupid. And they do it because the WWE think everyone in their audience is as stupid as the WWE wants them to be.


The way they sell this pay per view is just so detrimental to the stories they try to tell.

“Last year asuka was the sole survivor”

Yeh. For raw. So is asuka just a vicious mercenary whonwill fight for whoever pays?


Will we get a non finish in one of these Interpromotional matches otherwise it will be very predictable who will be winning match 4 as surely they want whatever the last match is to mean something

It’s hilarious how obsessed they are with these childish shirts. They’ve literally told all the wrestlers they must keep them on throughout the entire match.

Except The Big Show, apparently. I guess they couldn’t find a shirt in his size. Which about sums up the effort they put in to them.

I’ve just realised my own obsession with these terrible shirts really explains my choice of username.


Really? They made the manager of an intimidating, dominating tag team literally piss himself? He didn’t fit with them badly enough anyway. What an awful moment.

Corey keeps on mentioning the Kick Off match, so I’m wondering if thats coming into play

It better at this point it’s the only victory that smackdown is getting tonight.