Swerve Strickland states that AEW filmed more content with Rick Ross that was not used

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2023/03/14/swerve-strickland-states-that-aew-filmed-more-content-with-rick-ross-that-was-not-used/

Strickland chats Rick Ross’ AEW appearances. 

In late 2022, Grammy-nominated artist Rick Ross made several appearances on AEW programming alongside Swerve Strickland. 

His appearances lead to the split of Strickland and Keith Lee and the formation of ‘Mogul Affiliates’ with Swerve, Parker Boudreaux and Trench. Ross’ time in AEW was reflected on by Strickland on the ‘Say Less With Kaz, Lowkey and Rosy’ podcast. Swerve mentioned that AEW filmed more content backstage with Ross that has not been used. 

He’s great (Rick Ross), he’s hilarious. We shot more stuff in the back. They didn’t use all the footage.

Ross’ promo segment when he emphasized ‘false accusations’ was brought up. Swerve recalled informing Ross about his ongoing storyline and Ross saying it’d be ‘too easy’ to do his part once the cameras got rolling. 

No, no (Rick Ross’ accusations line was not planned). First off, we filmed it one time. It was one shot and I pretty much broke down the synopsis. I’m like, ‘Alright, Rick, so this is what happened, me and my partner, we broke up –’ we didn’t break up at the time — ‘So he’s gonna come in accusing me of some sh*t and then you kind of just try to bring us together.’ He’s like, ‘It’s nothing, it’s easy, too easy.’ He’s like, ‘It’s nothing bro.’ He’s like, ‘Too easy, let’s go.’

As Keith Lee and Dustin Rhodes formed their alliance, both Trench and Boudreaux were taken out. Strickland stated on AEW TV that they are on the shelf for now. 

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