Swerve Strickland weighs in on Mercedes Moné & Kazuchika Okada potentially joining AEW

Originally published at Swerve Strickland weighs in on Mercedes Moné & Kazuchika Okada potentially joining AEW

Strickland says AEW has the best prospects in wrestling. 

A new interview with Swerve Strickland was pushed out that was conducted by In The Kliq. Along the way, Strickland was asked for his thoughts about Mercedes Moné and Kazuchika Okada potentially joining AEW. 

Strickland feels that with those talents in addition to AEW’s current roster, the company will be en route to building a dynasty. He stated that AEW has the best prospects in wrestling. 

It’s like adding the top free agents to your team, to your NFL team (Strickland said about Moné & Okada potentially joining AEW). You can’t be upset about that, you can’t be mad. You got the best of the best of our generation. If rumors are true and they are coming over and that is the choice, and say the contracts have been signed and ink has been put into paper, then, we’re building our true dynasty. AEW is now a dynasty and we have the best prospects of the future in pro wrestling right now… One of the worst things you can do as a fan base is talk about the now and really dwell on the now instead of truly investing in the future and that’s what AEW is doing and that’s what I think we’re doing better all around, 100 percent. Our future looks incredible and Revolution, like I said, that name couldn’t come at a better time. The name of the pay-per-view, myself in a World Title match with Hangman Page and Samoa Joe. All these things are just coming together at the right time. Don’t worry about the now. You need to be worried about the later because we’re about to hit hard and heavy in 2024.

Kazuchika Okada wrapped up his time with New Japan Pro-Wrestling during The New Beginning tour. 

It has been nearly a full year since Mercedes Moné wrestled. AEW is promoting their ‘Big Bu$iness’ event for March 13th at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. The promotional material for the show is labeling ‘Boston’ and ‘Bo$$ton’. 

If the quote in this article is used, please credit In The Kliq with an H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcription.