Taichi and Shingo Takagi present stipulations for KOPW 2022 match

Originally published at Taichi and Shingo Takagi present stipulations for KOPW 2022 match

The options for the stipulations of the next KOPW 2022 match have been provided by Taichi and Shingo Takagi.

The two are set to meet for the KOPW 2022 title this Monday when New Japan returns to Hiroshima.

In the spirit of the concept, both participants have presented their match stipulation with an ongoing Twitter poll that will be run until this weekend.

From the NJPW website:

Taichi has suggested a 30 Count Match. In this match, multiple falls will see a cumulative count from the referee. The winner is the wrestler who can get a combined 30 count on their opponent. Strategy and stamina will come to the fore in this punishing match style.

Takagi meanwhile has brought his own spin on a multiple falls match, suggesting a Takagi Style Three Falls Match. In this match, the first to three falls is the winner, but rather than being best three out of five, a competitor must get first a one count, then a two count, and then three. This will likely see a hard pace being set in the opening as both men vie to get the early one counts, before will to win really comes to the fore for the third fall.

As of Wednesday morning, Taichi’s choice is leading with over 53 percent of the votes.


4月25日(月) 広島サンプラザホール
(KOPW保持者)タイチ vs 鷹木信悟(挑戦者)





— 新日本プロレスリング株式会社 (@njpw1972) April 20, 2022

Have to say, I am legitimately interested in both of these possibilities. Either one could combine some elements of iron man match layout with the old cliches about pin attempts meant to tire our your opponent rather than beat them. I was a bit worried about Taichi taking the KoPW trophy, thinking he’d be stuck with comedy/plunder matches, but matches like this could make for some fun changes of pace midway through cards.