TALK IS JERICHO - Jon Moxley/Dean Ambrose breaks his silence of his WWE exit.

Here’s the latest episode of Talk is Jericho with Jon Moxley/Dean Ambrose where he breaks his silence and gives plenty of detail of the events leading up to his departure from WWE, and yes it does go over the Roman leukemia stuff which really upset him. And also, talks about how he decided on AEW as his next destination. Huge recommendation to listen to.


I’m 25 minutes in and this is some very good stuff, I remember listening to John and Wai and Meltzer/Alvarez reviewing Raw every Monday night trying to make sense of that angle. Also I wish this guy was the guy who showed up on that notorious Stone Cold podcast episode on WWE network

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Can he get any shit for filming the trailer while under contract?

After hearing this, Vince comes across as an aging, delusional carny who no longer has his finger on the pulse of what makes a great wrestling show.

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This gets me to like him quite a lot more knowing the stupid crap was WWE. I have never been an Ambrose fan because his character always seemed off to me. So I hope the new setting will lead to better things for him.

This was a fantastic podcast! Talk is Jericho is one of my favorite wrestling podcasts and I think Jericho has really become an excellent interviewer and much better than many of the other ex-wrestlers podcasts.

Dean Ambrose has also been one of my favorite wrestlers for years. I always felt like he was one of the people that could do the best with the awful writing he was given. And he talks about taking pride with trying to make the best with what he was given. Although nobody could have made his “sick people” gimmick work.

It also made me feel so sad for the people in WWE who we know are miserable there for the same reasons. Sasha Banks break makes a lot more sense.

And it may be bad for the wrestlers but it must be much worse for the commentators who have to try to make sense of the bullshit week-to-week while having Vince directly in your ear. Renee must be loosing her mind.

I would have been interested in what he thought of the “Chronicle” documentary which I thought was really well done and took a very serious tone with his heel turn and seemed to foreshadow an incredible Seth vs Dean feud before it got derailed by the “sick people” and Leukemia shit.

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Excellent. Highly Recommended.


Really gained a lot of respect for him after hearing this. He knew he was going to leave, didnt act like a bitch and ask for his release or go on twitter and try to force WWE’s hand. He worked through to the end and tried to make the best of the crap he was given. I feel like even though they did try and bury him a little with the Nia shit and EC3 loss, Vince had a lot of respect for how he handled it and that’s why they gave him a decent send off.


Really great show! But - if this guy was on the Stone Cold podcast surely Vince would have taken him more seriously.

The Ambrose “stone cold podcast” has become so infamous for how awkward it was I’m sure he will have to address it now that he’s out of WWE. I’ll be interested in hearing his side of the story for why he felt like it went poorly.

And even if it had gone well the idea that it held back his career is ridiculous. Even if he had a great interview with Austin he would have gotten a pat on the back one week and then be back to the same shit the next week. Plenty of people have had great interviews with Austin or other media. It doesn’t mean they get the Rock or HHH treatment.

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It’s not surprising

He’s a 73 year old workaholic. That’s the age most people start to scale it back, not run the biggest wrestling company in the world and start a new pro football league.


This week: ‘Hi Renee’ - Chris Jericho
Next week: ‘My guest at this time’ - Renee Young


Start to scale it back that is when most people are retired or dead.


Awesome, must listen podcast.

I’m not sure how anyone after listening to that can disagree that WWE’s creative process is severely messed up and Vince needs to start doing other things.

At the end of the day, the fact that the show is written for an audience of one, 73 year old billionaire, who is severely out of touch with most of the audience, is truly the issues behind every major issue these days.

There is no other Booker in charge of a company that continued with his duties for as long as he has.

The only true comparison I can think of for Vince is Lorne Michaels and SNL. And even SNL has season breaks, and limited episodes a year. Lorne however continually will seek new voices and talent year after year, and evolve the show. And while I am sure it is debatable about when the show is great / good or bad - it continues to pump out new Stars season after season.

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This was as good as stated by many but I would have enjoyed to hear him talk about two things he didn’t:

  1. What’s it now like with Renee still there

  2. What’s morale like with talent wanting to leave and being stuck there

I also think he’s doing the G1. Something about the way he brought up training and had bucket list items + he said some people will be shocked to hear some of the things he’s doing.

As for Vince: Jericho makes a great point, how can you do this for 40 straight years with days off and still have the passion…and one step further, does he do anything else besides work to get a sense of what society and pop culture has become?


Is he allowed to do the G1 though with the Dallas show being night 1 while also being under an AEW contract? I haven’t seen an answer to that question yet.

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Apparently Night 1 is not both blocks. I haven’t seen that in writing but I recall reading or hearing it somewhere.

This was great. While RAW sucks lately I would not discount the genius of VKM this quickly. He is a billionaire for good reason.

Some people like fart jokes and pooper scooper stuff. These are the same people that tune into RAW and watch and probably drink beer and have low end jobs. It’s their target audience and it’s smaller than it used to Ben but it’s there and someone must like it to still draw over 2 million viewers

He is a billionaire because of his business acumen not his booking or writing skills. From what so recall talent used to not be so scripted, and he has a ton of failures on ideas over his lifetime. He has just also had some huge hits on talent at the right times, and allowed that talent to grow. Something that hasn’t seemed to happen lately.