Tama Tonga: WWE is knocking hard at my door and I just might say 'hello'

Originally published at Tama Tonga: WWE is knocking hard at my door and I just might say 'hello'

Tama Tonga looks back on what he’s been able to accomplish in New Japan. 

The reigning NEVER Openweight Champion Tama Tonga is coming off a successful title defense against El Phantasmo at NJPW The New Beginning in Osaka. 

Following Tama’s win, he touched on what he’s been able to achieve in New Japan Pro-Wrestling (via NJPW World’s backstage comments video). Tama feels he’s on another level and a lot of people have forgotten who he is. 

He has aspirations to be the best wrestler and said that could be under the New Japan Pro-Wrestling banner or it could be somewhere else which led to him mentioning WWE. He stated that WWE is knocking on his door and he might respond. 

The game is changing. That’s for damn sure. I’m on a different level now. I think a lot of people have forgotten who I am, and you know what? It doesn’t matter to me because I never forgot. I’ve always known who I was and that is a game changer. Always top guy. Yeah, I’ve always known this, I’ve been that guy. Look at my rap sheet, what I’ve done in my career here in Japan. I’ve created a faction, worldwide, the greatest faction pro wrestling has ever seen, BULLET CLUB. Even when they kicked me out, it shows the true heart and soul of that group because I kept coming, I kept climbing, I kept fighting and look where I am now and look where BULLET CLUB is. No one believed me, but it’s okay because I don’t need that. I don’t need y’all to believe me. All I need is me to believe in me! And none of you will change that. I am, will be the greatest, the ultimate legend here in New Japan Pro-Wrestling or wherever I may be. Sh*t! Might be even WWE because they are knocking hard at my door…. And I just might say, ‘Hello’. 

After Battle in the Valley this Saturday, NJPW’s New Japan Cup is scheduled to kick off March 5th and there are 24 participants in this year’s tourney. Tama Tonga is not part of the field.

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