Tammy Sytch comments on fatal car incident, latest on investigation

Originally published at Tammy Sytch comments on fatal car incident, latest on investigation

Tammy Sytch has issued a comment regarding the fatal car accident in March that is the subject of an investigation.

Sytch was allegedly involved in the collision where she hit another vehicle from behind at a stoplight. The accident resulted in the death of 75-year-old Julian Lasseter, with his estate filing a civil suit against Sytch and her boyfriend Jason Pente, whose vehicle Sytch was driving.

The Ormond Beach Police Department provided the following update to PWinsider.com regarding its investigation into Sytch’s state at the time of the collision:

“We have received part of the toxicology report. If charges are filed they will not be until the investigation is completed. We will update the press release once a decision is reached.”

Meanwhile, Sytch responded to a tweet this past Friday where she denied that she was speeding while adding that Lasseter died of a heart attack and indicated she suffered a seizure:

Hmmmabout 10 since I was slowing down to. Light. But he had a heart. Attack. Nothing to do with my seizure

— Tamara Sytch (@WWEHOFerSunny) April 22, 2022

The crash occurred on March 25th with Sytch allegedly striking the vehicle in front of her, which crashed into a third car that stopped at the light. Two witnesses stated that Sytch was driving at a “high rate of speed”.

Sytch does not have a valid driver’s license but has not been arrested as the police department is awaiting the full results of a toxicology report.

A civil suit filed against Sytch and Pente over Lasseter’s death is now seeking “in excess of $100,000”, according to PWinsider.com after an initial figure in excess of $30,000.