Taped edition of WWE Raw falls to a new 2019 low

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Ratings were the lowest for the much ballyhooed NBA game of Clippers vs Lakers…maybe now just maybe…Nielsen’s are outdated and should stop being used as the metric to gauge interest in anything.

If there were a better metric for advertisers I’m sure it would get used. As for overall interest while that matters to us it matters less to advertisers on cable TV

Honestly, I think better metrics DO exist…But it’s probably not beneficial to TPTB to provide a more democratic platform for tabulating ratings.

If you have the available technology to give overnight ratings (or give night-of election results, or determine American Idol winners), then bringing the Nielsens into the 2010’s (or even the 2000’s) shouldn’t be a Herculean task. :100:


I’m not saying it cannot be done, I’m saying it isn’t. I’m pretty sure it is possible for cable companies to equip their boxes to let them know what and how much each customer is watching, they just don’t

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