Tasha Steelz comments on her absence from IMPACT Wrestling, says she's cooking up something new

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2023/08/03/tasha-steelz-comments-on-her-absence-from-impact-wrestling-says-shes-cooking-up-something-new/

She can’t wait to present what she’s been working on. 

The most recent occasion that Tasha Steelz wrestled was at an IMPACT Wrestling taping in March of this year. Steelz returned to the company at the Sacrifice event following a several month hiatus. 

She commented on her absence since the March taping while guest appearing on Brian Hebner’s Refin’ It Up podcast. Steelz stated that she is cooking up something new and cannot wait to present it. 

Flava’s been doing some flava things. Booked and busy, that’s what I do. I’ve been in the lab cooking. Cooking up something new for everybody. That’s what the chef does. The chef always brings flavor. I’m better than Baskin Robbins. They only can provide 31 flavors but me, my flavors are endless, alright? To infinity so I’ve been cooking a lot and I can’t wait to present what I’ve been cooking to you guys lately. It’s really tasty. Really flavorful… They say good things come to those who wait so, patience is a virtue.

The idea of a match with herself and current Knockouts World Champion Trinity Fatu was brought up. Steelz spoke about Trinity’s arrival to IMPACT and is glad to see her success. She then weighed in on Fatu’s upcoming title defense against Deonna Purrazzo at Emergence

Trin has been making that impact, all pun intended. I love it, I love it because it’s a new and different environment for her. She’s used to NXT and the main roster of WWE so now this is just something different that she’s stepping into and just right off the bat, stepping into it, showing off and being able to be champion right now is amazing for her, I love that for her and literally the bet on yourself story. So, she did that, got that opportunity, won and now she’s champion and you just never know, Tasha Steelz versus Trinity for the IMPACT Knockouts World Championship, that right there is money. That sells tickets, that’s money. We’re gonna keep that in mind… We do have to wait though because Emergence is coming up in Toronto, August 26th. So, we have Trinity versus Deonna (Purrazzo) so it might not be Trinity versus Tasha Steelz for the Knockouts World Championship. It may be Deonna Purrazzo versus Tasha Steelz or it could be Trinity versus Tasha Steelz. Either way, it’s gonna be a huge story so, tune in. Everybody’s gotta tune in. You gotta see.

Steelz is a former Knockouts World and two-time Knockouts Tag Team Champion. She signed a new deal with IMPACT in November 2022. 

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