Tasha Steelz discusses split from Kiera Hogan, happy to see her in AEW

Originally published at Tasha Steelz discusses split from Kiera Hogan, happy to see her in AEW

Tasha Steelz dives into Fire ‘N Flava’s split.

Following the set of IMPACT Wrestling tapings in July, former Knockouts Tag Team Champion Kiera Hogan announced that she wrapped up her time with IMPACT Wrestling. Kiera has performed for All Elite Wrestling for the past several weeks on their Dark and Rampage programs and was in action at NWA EmPowerrr.

Kiera’s former partner Tasha Steelz is still with IMPACT and her deal with the company expires next year. The storyline break up of Fire ‘N Flava occurred when Steelz brought Savannah Evans into the picture to ambush Hogan. While on the Talk’n Shop podcast, Tasha said she is happy for Kiera.

I mean Fire ‘N Flava, you know — listen, I’m loyal. Fire ‘N Flava… (Tasha was cut off before she could continue)

That’s exactly what that is . I told her from the gate, it’s all about happiness. You have to go where you’re happy, and the money but the happiness is better, you know what I’m saying? Because it’s places where you can make a lot of money, but you won’t be happy. You know, so you got to have your happiness first and her doing AEW man, I’m happy for her. I’m extremely happy for her.

She went on to speak about her on-screen partnership with Savannah Evans. Steelz became aware of Savannah through her work in North Carolina and explained what about Savannah impressed her.

Savannah Evans, you know she’s been killing it in North Carolina. Her size alone and the fact that she’s like f*cking people up like a linebacker okay, so, I had to have her on my side. If I ain’t gonna have the fire no more, I gotta have the monster, you know?

At the recent IMPACT tapings, Steelz and Evans challenged for the Knockouts Tag Team Championships and Steelz also had a singles match against Rosemary.

IMPACT’s next special is ‘Victory Road’ on September 18th and the following month, Bound For Glory is taking place.

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