Tay Melo thought there was a chance the crowd might boo her & Sammy Guevara's pregnancy announcement at AEW Double or Nothing

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Tay and Sammy dive into their special announcement. 

Before the Four Pillars four-way for the AEW World Championship at Double or Nothing began, Sammy Guevara was the second talent to make his entrance and it was revealed by himself and Tay Melo that they are expecting a child. 

Melo and Guevara sat down with TMZ for an interview to discuss their reveal and the positive reception they received from the audience in attendance. To start off the conversation, Guevara and Melo talked about how they came up with the idea for the cue cards reveal and said they went back and forth on different ideas. 

Guevara: So I used to do this thing with the cue cards where I would come out during picture-in-picture and then when we found out we were having a baby, it was like, ‘How do we wanna announce this?’ And then we went back and forth with ideas and then it was like, ‘Well what if we did it at Double or Nothing?’ 

Melo: Yeah, the timing was perfect, because it was about three months, so we’re comfortable to say it. I was like, ‘Well, let’s talk to T.K., see what he thinks and then let’s go, let’s do this.’ 

Guevara: And then it was like, ‘How do we do it?’ You know? What’s the best way to go about it? And it’s like, ‘Maybe we don’t actually say. Maybe we write it on the poster boards and that says it for us.

Melo: And I’m glad we did because we were so nervous, so nervous. So it was fun, it was pretty fun. A cool and special moment for sure. 

Once Guevara got in the ring, he almost began shedding tears because of the moment and receiving encouragement from the likes of Jungle Boy, Justin Roberts and referee Bryce Remsburg. 

Before doing the reveal, Tay shared that she did talk to Sammy about the possibility of the crowd booing their announcement. She was not expecting the warm welcome they got. 

Guevara: I mean, there was a cool moment where once I got in the ring, me and Jungle Boy gave each other a hug and even our referee, Bryce (Remsburg), he gave me a hug, Justin Roberts said congrats. It was like this real moment right before we’re about to beat each other up and then I had to snap out of it. I almost started crying as Darby (Allin) was coming in. I’m punching myself in the face. I’m like, come on, come on, you gotta focus. Because it was just very surreal, you know? Us four young men guys wrestling for the world title and then right before that, going out there announcing that we’re having a baby and then because, you know, the crowd’s coming back around on me but we were not always the most loved people out there and so for them to give us the big reaction that everyone was happy, showing us the love, it was just overwhelming in a way where I was just like, okay, okay, we gotta get back into it. 

Melo: It was pretty cool. We didn’t know what to expect and we talked about it before. I’m like, ‘I don’t know. Maybe the crowd is gonna boo and we just need to be ready for it, you know?’ Because we never knew what to expect now and they were so excited which made it so much better. I was about to cry because I was not really expecting the love so it was pretty special, pretty good. 

Melo further opened up about her pregnancy and said herself and Guevara had been trying to get pregnant for 10 months. She stated that when they stopped expecting is when it happened. 

March of this year was the last time Tay wrestled. She is aiming for a return to the ring by March 2024. She’ll continue to travel with Guevara until she can no longer do so. 

Melo: We were trying before (to get pregnant) and super excited and then it took us like 10 months, right? To be able to be pregnant and to be expecting. So it was not easy and then when we decided to stop trying because we’re like, ‘Hey, I’m getting frustrated. Let’s try to do something else and then we can come back to it later.’ So the first month we stopped trying, so we’re not expecting at all, boom, here it is (she smiled). So we’re kind of trying to put our heads back in the place that we’re in before like, hey, we’re planning it but we stopped but we know what to do now so it’s kind of, you know, we’re going with the flow now. I have plans to go back to the ring as soon as I can because I love wrestling so much, the plan is maybe March, right? We’re talking about March if, you know, my body’s doing okay, baby’s doing okay and now, it’s like I’m gonna be traveling with Sammy until I can’t anymore because I can’t be home. I’ll go crazy.

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