Taya Valkyrie says her main focus is deciding on a 'permanent home' in wrestling

Originally published at Taya Valkyrie says her main focus is deciding on a 'permanent home' in wrestling

She wants to take the next few months to figure out where that ‘home’ will be. 

As of this writing, Taya Valkyrie is the reigning AAA Reina de Reinas, MLW Women’s World Featherweight and a IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Champion. 

In addition to being champion in those respective organizations, Valkyrie makes her way around the independent scene. She did express to Comedy Store Wrestling that she is looking to find that ‘permanent home’ and wants to take the next couple of months to figure out where that ‘home’ should be. Valkyrie added that she would like to get back to STARDOM as well.

Right now, my main focus is — right now, especially these next coming months is finding my permanent home because right now, I’ve been a free agent for this whole last year so I’m excited to be exploring that and figuring out where I wanna stay for a while and that could be one of many places right now which is exciting, it’s scary obviously because you’re like, oh my God, oh my God, is this gonna happen? Is it not gonna happen? Am I gonna get a contract? Am I not gonna get a contract? So that’s really been my focus to just kind of cement a place for myself. This whole last year has been super, super fun being able to do kind of whatever I want because this didn’t exist prior to the pandemic of this forbidden door, being able to crossover through these different companies so that has been super fun for me and I’ve gotten to face people that I never thought I would ever get the chance to but I definitely wanna figure out where I wanna stay for the for the foreseeable future in the next couple months and then obviously beyond that, what is my ‘WrestleMania moment’? I don’t know yet, but I’d love to get back over to Japan. I haven’t been there in years… The last time I was in Japan was with STARDOM and I just did a three-week little tour with them. That was in 2016 maybe? 2017. So I’d love to get back over there and you know, battle it out with some of those women that I’ve never gotten to face or some that I might’ve in the past.

In 2021, she signed with WWE and had an eight-month run there as ‘Franky Monet’ before being released. With the regime change, Valkyrie is unsure if that makes her want to head back to the company because she feels she’s in a good spot now.

She reiterated the ‘never say never’ mindset regarding a return, adding that she’d be open to having a conversation. 

I don’t know (if the regime change in WWE would entice me to return to the company). I’m in a really good place right now, personally and professionally that I feel comfortable, I feel challenged, I feel heard, I feel appreciated and stuff like that so, my experience was so bizarre, that it really kind of freaks me out, the idea of going back there but, you know, Triple H, the whole time I was there, he just loves this business so much and he really is trying to put on — in the black and gold brand, something so different and it was so evident and now having him at the helm of the ship so to speak, it’s great that other people are getting those opportunities again and I only hope the best for them and that they do really well and that everyone can grow and thrive and make money. We’re all struggling and working really hard to get noticed so, I mean, all the best and you never know. You never say never… I would have a conversation. Why not? (Taya laughed)

One name who has caught Valkyrie’s attention is Mercedes Moné, formerly known as ‘Sasha Banks’. Mercedes made her New Japan Pro-Wrestling debut at Wrestle Kingdom 17 and took out IWGP Women’s Champion KAIRI.

Taya stated that Moné is someone she’d like to share the ring with and went on to speak highly of her NJPW debut. She felt Mercedes commanded the stage. 

Well I’m gonna say her because she’s now out in the world and free to play. I mean, she has a huge respect for lucha libre, which for me is very important and something that I hold dear and close to my heart so, why not Mercedes Moné… Mercedes, you know where to find me. 

I just wanna talk about her entire look because she came out looking like Moné (she laughed), if you will. No, she looked great… and even though that crowd was not being as loud as people expected just because that’s how it is, I think that she just commanded that stage and walked that runway and killed it. 

This Friday on the IMPACT Wrestling Hard To Kill pre-show, Valkyrie is scheduled to team with Rosemary and Jessicka to face Gisele Shaw, Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans. 

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