Taylor Wilde still under contract to IMPACT Wrestling, interested in coming back as a heel

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2022/08/18/taylor-wilde-still-under-contract-to-impact-wrestling-interested-in-coming-back-as-a-heel/

Wilde says it’s a matter of IMPACT finding a story for her.

After being out of the ring for a decade, Taylor Wilde made her return to IMPACT Wrestling in 2021. Present day, she is working independent dates in Canada and has not wrestled for IMPACT since their Victory Road special in 2021.

On her ‘Wilde On’ podcast, Wilde confirmed that she is still under contract to IMPACT. She shared that she is good to come back and it’s just a matter of finding a story for her.

When COVID was at peak time, that’s when my divorce was at peak time so long story short, not to get into too many details because I don’t need anything used against me in court. I am good. I am good to come back at any time. I am ready now but you know, IMPACT’s got a lot of stuff going on. There’s a lot of new Knockouts. Still under contract so… that’s it .

She went on to speak about being away from wrestling then returning and that period of time when she could not be with IMPACT. She thought the company pushed and presented her well. Wilde added that on the independent shows she’s working, she’s dabbling with being a heel and is interested in the possibility of IMPACT bringing her back as that.

You know, it’s funny because it was really disheartening. I retired, I took 10 years off, I became a firefighter, I’m still doing it and it was amazing. IMPACT really pushed me hard, they did all these big buildup vignettes. I came back at a weird time when there was no audience and I f*cking loved it and I had this good momentum and just like anything, you do well in one part of your life and something f*cking else falls apart and it was a real catastrophic loss, but you know, I think with all those failures, it makes you stronger and I’m sure there’s some sort of innate reason and I’ve been working on the indies just locally and I have started to work heel for the first time in my career so maybe that’s something that IMPACT can bring me back as. Like Kelly Bundy and most of the girls from The Craft.

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