Ted DiBiase Sr. confirms he's under a Legends contract with WWE

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DiBiase Sr. looks back on his stint with NXT. 

In 2021, Ted DiBiase Sr. returned to WWE television to be involved in a storyline on NXT with Cameron Grimes and L.A. Knight. The storyline wrapped up that summer.

DiBiase Sr. looked back on his stint with NXT during a Q&A session at For the Love of Wrestling (via Monopoly Events). He said it lasted longer than expected because the audience began to enjoy it. As he was speaking about it, DiBiase Sr. said he’s under a Legends contract with the company.

I had a blast (in my stint with NXT). I’m on what they call a Legends contract. So I make myself available to them and I’m at their disposal if they should happen to call me any time and it’s rare and so that was one of those rare times when they called me and they said, ‘Look, we’ve got one of our young guys here. His name is Cameron Grimes, who legitimately invested in the stock market and hit big and over night, you know, got a whole lot of money and so we’ve come up with this storyline where we’re gonna have him start acting like you’ and then have me come along, for example, he’s in a jewelry store and he’s buying a watch and so he holds up this beautiful gold Rolex, it’s diamond-studded and everything and I walk up behind him and I hold up this diamond bezel watch that is just diamonds everywhere and I say, ‘Nice watch kid. But it’s not a million dollar watch’ and then I go (does signature laugh) and walk out the door and just leave him going (upset) and it’s I continue to do things. Anyway, we just had fun with it for a while and it actually went a little longer than they anticipated that it was gonna go because it basically got over so well. But yeah, when L.A. Knight got involved, I saw the skill that he had as well. The focus first was on Cameron Grimes but I saw the talent in L.A. Knight and I mentioned that to a couple people and they said, ‘Yeah, we know’ and this has helped bring that out in him too and obviously, he’s moved on up…

DiBiase Sr.’s son, Ted DiBiase Jr., was charged in April with taking money from a fund for needy families in Mississippi. His father and brother, Brett DiBiase, are linked to the case as well.

Brett plead guilty to one charge related to the scandal

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