Ted DiBiase Sr. planning to reach out to Virgil more often

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2022/10/28/ted-dibiase-sr-planning-to-reach-out-to-virgil-more-often/

DiBiase Sr. details his battle with COVID from earlier this year and touches on his relationship with Virgil.

Throughout the years, both Ted DiBiase Sr. and Virgil have spoken about their up and down relationship. Both have given their respective accounts about their differences and why they were not able to see eye to eye.

DiBiase Sr. was asked about Virgil while he was doing a virtual signing for Highspots Wrestling Network. DiBiase said he recently saw Virgil at a signing and Virgil informed him of his health issues. DiBiase Sr. stated that he’s going to try to reach out to Virgil more.

I saw him at an autograph signing. I can’t remember where because I do so many of ‘em and we had a good little chat, little worried about him because he doesn’t look real healthy and he just told me, without getting into any detail that he was having some health issues so, you know, I’m gonna try to reach out to him a little more because… I don’t know. It’s hard to explain. He’s a pretty complicated guy.

As a part of his visit to Highspots, DiBiase Sr. joined the Virtual Gimmick Table show. He shared that in January and February of this year, he was dealing with COVID-19 but he’s got his stamina back and feels good now.

I feel good. The whole world’s dealt with COVID but back in January and February, I was out. I mean I was at home for two solid months down with COVID and I kicked out of that and gradually, I got my stamina back and I’m back going full speed.

In 2021, DiBiase Sr. was brought back to WWE programming as the middle man in a feud between L.A. Knight and Cameron Grimes that concluded on the 8/24/21 NXT.

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