Television Viewership: SD Live has a slight drop, Miz & Mrs. tops 1 million

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Photo courtesy: WWE

Tuesday’s episode of SmackDown Live saw a small drop in its average audience for a show centered around the Roman Reigns’ mystery.

The show averaged 2,088,000 viewers on the USA Network, which was down 2.5% from last week’s figure.

Heading into the show, the promotion focused on the continuation of the Roman Reigns storyline involving the mysterious attacker along two more King of the Ring tournament matches.

The year-to-year decline was 11% from the same week in 2018, which is the exact same level as Raw dropped this week from the prior year.

The season-finale of Miz & Mrs. averaged 1,094,000 viewers on USA, which was their highest number since the show returned in July. The six episodes that ran from July 23rd through last night averaged 965,000 viewers.