Tentative dates scheduled for the WWE's next draft

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2019/09/04/tentative-dates-scheduled-for-the-wwes-next-draft/

Last week, it was reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the WWE was in the process of planning another draft to create distinct rosters for Raw and SmackDown.

POST Wrestling can confirm that the draft is scheduled to take place next month over two episodes.

The draft is tentatively set to begin on Friday, October 11th on SmackDown from Las Vegas, which would be their second week on Fox. The draft would continue the following Monday on Raw from Denver, Colorado on October 14th.

SmackDown will launch on Fox on Friday, October 4th and are promoting the show around the 20th-anniversary of the program with numerous names from the past set to appear.

Since this past April’s Superstar Shakeup, the rosters have not been distinct with the addition of the Wild Card rule this past spring allowing talent to shuffle back-and-forth on both shows.

Here is hoping that it is an actual draft that establishes identities for both shows. Rather than just moving a couple of wrestlers around in the mid card. I’d like to see top to bottom every superstar up for draft.

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I look forward to the Wild Card rule dying.

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Seems like it already did as no one cares about it.

No one cares about it but theoretically it still exists seeing as wrestlers are hopping between both shows. Not sure if WWE no longer mentioning it, but still having it affect the shows, is a good thing or not. I guess things are better than when they introduced it but that’s more to do with it being new and them doing other ridiculous things like not being able of figure out how to shape the show around commercials. That was a time that nearly had me giving myself a concussion by banging my head against the wall. They still haven’t figured out that they could just have matches end before commercials but it’s still an improvement on what they were doing a few months ago. Now they need to get rid of wrestlers jumping between shows and maybe we can get back to the level SmackDown was at before the Wild Card reset and before the reset in December. Although Raw was absolutely terrible back then. What a weird time that was as well. Question is, was Raw worse this time last year than when Raw had a special guest GM every week followed by a laptop as the GM? Hard to say.

Anyway, enough of me reminiscing about looking at the screen and wondering what the point of life is.

I view that more as an end to the brand split than the wild card because they never follow the “rules” and rarely if ever mention it. They just use talent on which ever show floats their boat. So WWE doesn’t care about the “what was it 3 or 4 slots” of people changing, and just use people when they want. They never cared and they stopped mentioning it.

The whole thing came across as, we did our usual brand split, our partners were not happy, so we backed off, but we need to split again now.

Now I want to have them go back to a brand split as it gives more time for things like midcard titles etc.

Just in time to battle it out in their geek shirts at Survivor Series in November.


That’s exactly why they are doing it.