Tessa gone from Impact

Wonder if she ends up in AEW with her dad, and fitting into the theoretical stable of FTR, Spears, and Cody?

From PWInsider…

***by Mike Johnson

Impact Wrestling announced this evening that it has terminated the contract of reigning Impact Wrestling Champion Tessa Blanchard and has stripped her of the title.

Impact’s statement reads as follows:

“Impact Wrestling confirmed that it has terminated its relationship with Tessa Blanchard and stripped her of the Impact Wrestling World Championship.”

Blanchard had not competed for the promotion since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. She had been slated to return to the company at the 7/18 Slammiversary PPV in Nashville, defending against four challengers, Trey Miguel, Eddie Edwards, Ace Austin and a fourth competitor originally slated to be Michael Elgin, who will not compete unless the company clears him from the suspension that was announced earlier this week.

Relations between Blanchard and Impact had become increasingly icy in recent weeks, especially after Blanchard did not send promos from Mexico (where she has been residing) for the 6/1 episode of Impact on AXS. That footage was slated to have been edited into a sit-down interview conducted by Josh Mathews “via satellite.” When that material was not received, Impact had to re-edit the episode with other content and have host segments of the show changed and new voiceovers cut.

Impact sources cite that there were attempts made to get Blanchard to return and drop the title but that the two sides were not able to come to terms, leading to Impact opting to cut bait and move forward.

Blanchard, 24 years old, is the daughter of Tully Blanchard and the step-daughter of Magnum TA. She debuted for Impact in 2018 and ascended to the Impact Wrestling Championship, winning the belt from Sami Callihan at the Hard to Kill PPV.

There is no word that Blanchard’s departure from Impact means for her fiancé Daga, who we are told remains under what is described as a “multi-year” Impact Wrestling contract.

PWInsider.com has reached out to Blanchard for comment on her departure from Impact and will update upon her response.

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So they fired her because she refused to travel back to the States for tapings? Only Anthem.

I don’t think anyone touches Tessa for a while. Damaged goods right now


You’d think so under normal circumstances…but WWE has lost Becky and Charlotte in a pretty short span of time, so I can see them making a play to bolster that division.

If that happens, no doubt AEW would also be having a conversation too.

We will see. It would be a bad look for WWE to cut all these people and then re-hire someone with Tessa’s reputation. She also has issues with Ricochet.

AEW obviously could use her but apparently there is heat with Swole and Shanna. I just don’t see either happening anytime soon. It’s too bad because she is really talented but obviously has some problems.

In hindsight, what a bad decision to give her the title. I know it’s Impact and no one cares but this screws up Slammiversary big time. Is anyone even left from that main event lol


Can’t disagree with anything you’re saying.

I think ability-wise, she’s exactly an in-ring talent AEW absolutely needs for the women’s division.

Gonna be hard to explain making a show of banning Hulk Hogan from their events for racism and then turn around and hire Tessa, I’d think. https://twitter.com/TonyKhan/status/1267893197314953222

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Yeah I love that stable idea you mentioned. But she’s almost too good for the AEW women’s division, everyone is still pretty green. Not sure how a stiff worker like Tessa would fit.

From what I read it sounds like she’s focused on getting married so maybe she doesn’t even want to wrestle again anytime soon.

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If WWE would take her, I would have to think that it would be her first choice. I think she would be a great fit in NXT, I would love to see her in a feud against Iro. AEW’s women’s division is pretty sub par at the moment which makes it hard for me to see her there, though her Dad is in the company so I guess there is a chance as you don’t get opportunities like that too often in this business.

ROH just seems like a lateral move at best. I dont follow NJPW, would she fit in there?

Considering her past history and how unprofessional she dealt with this situation - I’m not sure anyone would want to sign her. I know I wouldn’t.

That was a weird one, “Banning” someone who probably has a .00000001% chance of ever attending a show is an odd thing to do. Comes across like a PR stunt and a manipulation of their fans who so desperately want to believe they are different then WWE. Was there ever a statement from Khan regarding Jericho’s all lives matter comment? Doubt it.

To give a wresting analogy, its like WWE is the heel that acts like a heel, and we all know they are heels. AEW on the other hand is the heel that pretends they are a babyface, but you can see through them if you really look hard enough.

A few days ago I would probably agree with you, but if she waits until this pandemic is over, with all the people taking heat from the #speakingout movement, what she did is going to pale in comparison to some of the performers and I think eventually her actions will be out of mind for most wrestling fans.

Depends on how you look at it. With all the anti-racist BLM sentiment going around right now. What she did comes off worse than it would have when if first came out.

We’ll have to see, but I don’t think she brings enough to the table for either promotion to be worth the risk right now.

Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t they do something similar to Eli Drake, where they released him just before his contact expired?

Could it be that they plan to roll over the contract?

I hope she doesn’t go to WWE. If AEW doesn’t sign her (and they badly need someone who has all the tools to be a real star if promoted correctly) then she should look to Japan.


Promotions would be stupid not to go after her. Especially AEW and their dead division.

AEW would be more stupid to touch her with her current reputation and the obvious conflicts it would cause in the locker room and with their audience.


She’ll end up in WWE and form the Four Horsewomen stable with Charlotte that they’ve been teasing but never pulling the trigger on all these years.

By pure coincidence this will be when AEW have pulled the trigger on their own Four Horsemen incarnation with Cody and Arn Anderson.

One of the few wrestlers I’ve met that turned out to act like a complete piece of shit. Good riddance you piece of trash.


I think after she serves her penance by doing a Mea Culpa tour of the indies, she lands in AEW or the NWA. Maybe WWE gives her a 2nd chance, but I think the other two are more likely destinations.

Hopefully this experience will knock some sense into her. She’s a great talent, but it feels like the business is going through a moment where talent can only take you so far if you’re a bad person. :100:


LMAO the piece of shit doesn’t fall very far from the shit tree it came from. Good riddance