Tessa gone from Impact

Under normal circumstances, I’d agree about that indie tour…but in Covid days, for better or worse, all bets are off.

If she was outed for her issues during the present, then yes, I agree that nobody touches her. But again, due to Covid time, everything previous to lockdown seems so long ago in so many people’s minds. Again, not debating her being a good person. I just see doors being open right now.

Maybe for the fans…But the locker room is the bigger issue. I don’t think a promotion will be able to put her in the same room as Alysin Kay or Thunder Rosa or Big Swole or Nyla w/o some type of good faith effort on Tessa’s part.

And in terms of Covid, it almost gives a promotion an out in immediately signing her due to health concerns. She may have to head to Mexico w/Daga for a few months until America (specifically Florida) gets it’s act together in regards to the virus. :100:

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Presently the main event is Trey VS Eddie Edwards VS Ace Austin. Not exactly the most appealing on paper.

There’s this tease of an ex WWE superstar turning up, so maybe whoever gets slotted in and off course there’s Moose as well.

Anyone knows when the next tapings are because they’ll need to do at least promos explaining everything.

BTW this is one hell of an Elimination Match :grinning:

Right now I think AEW would be stupid to pursue her. Precisely because their division is lacking. If you bring her into that division what do you do? Have her steamroll the division and make it look bad? Have her struggle against greener performers? To me it feels like the AEW women are slowly coming along but they already lack air time for most of their women, throw a big star into the mix and it becomes even less time.

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Ya, I don’t think right now, I’m talking down the road as well.

The thing with Tessa is, she’s really talented, but she isn’t mid 90s Shawn Michaels talented. It seemed she didn’t want to do business on the way out on top of being a racist, a bully and a general malcontent. Why have that in your locker room? In WWE, morale is probably pretty bad with the whole COVID-19 situation, why make it worse by having someone everybody hates around them on top of that. I’m not sure what AEW’s situation is, but I’m sure nobody wants to shake things up to the point where you have a major problem backstage.

I see her future in Mexico or MLW because Court Bauer seems to be good with the hardest talent to deal with. But if Tessa treated Impact like that on the way out, a company who stood behind her when they probably shouldn’t have, what will she do to your company?


Maybe if every match wasn’t a tedious 20 to 30 minutes long to ensure both participants can get all their moves and “spots” in (getting nobody over) and instead they actually focused on pushing a few people by having them steamroll the rest of the division (getting them over) they could get more of their women air time as there would be time for more matches.


2 points on that last post…

  1. So are we not counting the last 2 weeks with Abadon(sp?) & Shida squash matches?

  2. The LAST thing we should be calling for right now is more matches featuring more talent. Your point has merit in a vacuum…But in the current climate, these companies need to do more with less, so if that means matches going longer than necessary; I’m good with it. :100:


I think they have vastly improved regarding your complaints. They have had far more matches that have been short. The women have had more time (and thankfully shorter matches) than early AEW where every women’s match was a 12-15 min Multi-woman tag match. I think having a few talents steam roll everyone is good short term but is a mistake in the long run. You want to establish tiers of talent and have the matches reflect the performers place on the card, and current career trajectory.

I wasn’t aware that the issue with Tessa was regarding racism. I thought she was just hard to work with, and accused of being rude to coworkers. What did she say/do that was racist?

When all the behind the scenes stuff came out so too did an instance of her spitting on an African American wrestler, and calling her the N word I believe.

To answer your questions:

  1. No. One (or two) swallow(s) does not a summer make. Let’s wait until they consistently do this over a prolonged period then talk.

  2. I disagree. Any talent working will not have underlying health conditions that puts them at risk and with the testing they are undergoing are very unlikely to catch the virus (and even if they do they will almost certainly be fine). As long as they stay away from anyone who is in the high risk category then it really isn’t an issue.

There seems to be a somewhat irrational fear of catching this virus. For the overwhelming majority of the population it isn’t a big deal. As long as those who are in the high risk category are shielding then the rest of the population don’t pose a risk. The reason we are in the mess we are in (lack of quick action aside) is that governments are trying to close the stable door when not only has the horse bolted, it is half-way across the world. The only way to stop a perpetual open up/lock down cycle is to build enough immunity in the population (approximately 60% infected) that mathematically it is impossible for the reproduction rate to be greater than one.

I think people are going overboard on this whole “the whole locker room will hate her” nonsense. I also don’t think the locker room needs to be full of best friends having a fun time.

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Fully Blanchard was basically excommunicated from the big time in 1989 why? For being a massive asshole? Think about that, getting kicked out of the Wrestling business for being an asshole. Do you know how hard you have to try for that to happen? The shit apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. People just don’t want to work with his bitch.

Bitch? That is hardly in keeping with the inclusive movement.

LMAO, I guess you’ll have to send me the sensitivity training, the last thing I would ever want to do is offend Miss Blanchard.

Frankly I couldn’t care less if Big Swole, etc. wouldn’t be happy. She and most of the rest of them will never be more than card fillers. Tessa has all the tools to be a genuine star and they desperately need stars. And I emphasise the “genuine”. Not a Kenny Omega “star” that nobody but a handful of internet hardcore fans gives a f@@k about.

Oh, I change my opinion then. No way you can bring her in right now or anytime soon.

She called a black wrestler, La Rosa Negra, the n word. A bunch of people knew this at the time but didn’t want to say anything until she came out and talked about it. I might not be sure, but I think Allysin Kay was a witness to this, among other witnesses. This took place in Japan. She just denied it and Impact still went with her.


Her behaviour was unacceptable and she should have been punished for it. But if AEW will do business with a convicted rapist…