Test finding for Jon Jones leads to UFC 232 being moved to California

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In a stunning move, the UFC is moving this Saturday’s pay-per-view card from Las Vegas to Inglewood, California to ensure that Jon Jones can fight on the show.

In a report from Brett Okamoto at ESPN, USADA reported an “atypical result” found in a pre-fight drug test submitted by Jon Jones on December 9th. The “atypical result” was the presence of M3, a metabolite of DHCMT, that he tested positive for in July 2017 that led to his win over Daniel Cormier being overturned and a 15-month suspension.

USADA notified the Nevada State Athletic Commission of their findings this past Thursday of the metabolite. USADA stated that they believed the low level found is believed to be a residual amount from initial findings in 2017 and Jones has already been sanctioned for that infraction. They added that Jones “obtained no performance enhancement from this level” with the drug test revealing an approximate level of 60 pg/mL and therefore, is not facing a violation of the UFC Anti-Doping Policy.

Because of the short window before Jones’ fight with Alexander Gustafsson and this being a holiday week, the commission in Nevada could not evaluate this case and be able to grant Jones a license to fight on Saturday.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission released the following statement:

Today, NSAC Executive Director Bob Bennett announced that, in consultation with NSAC Commission Chair Anthony Marnell III, unarmed combatant Jon Jones will be allowed to withdraw his pending application for licensure, which was intended to clear him to fight in a major contest in Nevada later this month. After extensive analysis of Mr. Jones’ prior 18 months of USADA in- and out-of-competition anti-doping drug testing results, Director Bennett, Chair Marnell and Mr. Jones agree that he will appear at an evidentiary hearing in January. This will allow for a measured, thoughtful and comprehensive discussion of his anti-doping testing protocol and results and provide an opportunity for the NSAC to determine the appropriate path forward for him in Nevada. We look forward to his hearing.”

The decision to move the card to California was finalized after Jones flew to the state and submitted a drug test, which he passed. Andy Foster of the California State Athletic Commission spoke to MMA Fighting’s Marc Raimondi on the decision to allow Jones to fight this weekend in the state:

We’ve got a statement from three different scientists, from the saying there’s no evidence of any new ingestion. This isn’t a new thing. This is what he’s been punished for already. He’s already served his time on this.

Jones has already undergone an adjudication process within the state of California, so the state is familiar with the case and granted him a license earlier this month.

Full refunds are available for those that bought tickets to the event at the T-Mobile Arena and tickets to the event at the Forum in Inglewood will go on sale this Wednesday.

The logistics of moving this card, on the week of Christmas, is daunting, to say the least. This will affect all the fighters and their corners having to relocate, fans that had purchased tickets and some flying in for the card on vacation, the UFC moving their production to a different state and hundreds of logistical elements that will make this among the most stressful weeks for the UFC in its history.

And every fighter on the card who booked hotels and plane tickets for various family members are fucked.

It’s time to stop placating this fuck up and tell him to fuck off.

USADA is a joke
CSAC is a joke
UFC is a joke

I miss the days when we all knew that everyone was on some shit.


It’s almost remarkable how Jon Jones manages to find a new way to fuck up every year. He’s the biggest blight on the entire sport, and the fact that CSAC is allowing him to fight is disgusting. The fact that the UFC is changing the location of the card on less then a weeks notice because of this is disgusting. The fact that they didn’t even inform the fighters about the change is disgusting.

I try to stay as unbiased and rational as I can when talking MMA, but I can’t when it comes to this guy. I fucking hate Jon Jones. His first public statement was on DC’s Instagram post saying he’s a bitch and would slap his wife on the ass. What the fuck is wrong with this fucking idiot? How is anyone still a fan of this guy? It’s like they’re in an abusive relationship with him, and no matter how many times he fucks them up, they make excuses to justify what he does.

Both the commissions and USADA have had their names rightfully tainted with accusations of corruption because of this guy, and now California is basically letting him fight after a failed drug test. Insanity.


As a fan if I had booked my vacation in Vegas, I wouldn’t want to go to another UFC show. The ripple effect it has is huge.


This is fucked up!


I thought about this last night when the news came out. “Just when you think Jon Jones can’t do anything more harmful…this comes crashing through the front door.”

Also I feel even more sorry for Filthy Tom for having 17 picograms of something in his systen and gets 2 years.

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Jon Jones isn’t even making UFC money, he’s actually costing them money.


Don’t think that’s totally true. I have the UFC running the card purely because they are going to the bank with the buys and if Jones is eventually busted he’s the one who pays the fine and his career is over. UFC is taking one more payday from him.

Talk about ripple affects. (Again, I follow casually and via John and Helwani). A guy I know who is definitely tied in to some big camps says it’s getting to the point fighters are disgusted with UFC.

Likely or unlikely - GSP fights in One next year?

UFC, what the?!

Imagine if you had planed your Holiday vacation around the UFC being in Las Vegas, room booked, car hire organized, spent Christmas with the family, get on you flight to travel cross-country and you get off the flight to see this! I’m assuming people with rooms booked won’t be offered cash back from the casinos?

Also has there been a UFC star with a more tarnished career or questionable legacy then Jon Jones?

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No. The next closest thing would probably be Anderson Silva, but given that the positive tests came in his 40’s, and a lack of controversies outside of the cage (such as those that have plagued Jones), he would be a very distant second.

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