Thank you Roman.

Tonight, reigns announce that he had leukemia and is force to relinguish the universal title. This is bad news for wwe but also bad news for reigns. Love him or hate him, you got to respect what he did in the wwe and all I have to say is that I wish him a speedy recovery from his leukemia and let’s hope that this isn’t the last we have seen of reigns and that he will be able to kick out of this very serious health issue.


Gut wrenching news. All the best for his recovery.


I’m a fan of his but the wrestling stuff doesn’t matter right now.

Hopefully he beats it again.

We rag on Roman week after week but the reality is he, like Cena before him, had an impossible job to do and did it to the fullest. He’s been so under appreciated yet the company has thrived and he’s been the center piece. I wouldn’t wish an early retirement or illness on any performer. Sucks when it happens, and that it’s for something like Leukemia and not an in ring injury makes it hit harder than others.

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Horrible news. Like many have said, regardless of if you liked his work in WWE it’s still horrible for him. Hopefully he beats this quickly.

Been a Reigns guy from day one when he first speared Ryback through a barricade.back in late 2013.

I’m gutted he has to leave, but hopefully his current contract and the Mania mainevent checks he’s collected the past 4 years will help him through this.

Too bad it only took this for his haters to finally fess up and admit he is a special talent and their critiques of him were hollow and only stem from the fact he was considered “the anointed one” and confirming what people like me have been saying for years.

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You must read different stuff than me… I thought it was a widely acknowledged and accepted fact that he gets booed by a portion of the audience because his push was “shoved down our throats”, as they say. Or has that narrative changed and I just missed it?

That’s what I just said…and now people are actually admitting that’s the entire reason.

None of this “his superman punch grrr” “his promos grrr” “he’s holding people down grr” “his move set is so grrr”.

All wrong, hollow and none of it was valid and considering all the respect he has been getting from his peers and the stories of him being the locker room leader come out, it just keeps getting more silly how he was treated the past 4 years.


How the fuck do you turn everything into an argument?

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Since when is reinforcing your original point an argument? I offered an observation based off a 4 year pattern of hollow criticism and how it revealed itself as such now and somehow that’s me trying to argue something? No that’s an observation. People are allowed to still make those aren’t they?


Well, your observational posting style is not charting well on this forum.

It’s easy to hate on those who bring better and more thought provoking discussion than you do.

The two of you deserve each other.

He’s crying about a post he saw on Reddit a year ago. It’s not thought provoking.

And it’s really weird to be a roman supporter gate keeper.

Kinda funny to watch that even in a thread that’s suppose to be about reigns and what He’s going through, some people aren’t able to respect the opinion of others when somebody is trying to bring some sort of discussion to the subject


Is the thread supposed to be about what roman is going through? Bc he’s just bitching about a few opinions he saw on Reddit.

But I give up. I’ll see myself out.

Never been to reddit.

I don’t follow echo chambers…obviously someone does.

And please, he’s going through something privately and he wanted to keep it private considering he didn’t disclose this previously and has been radio silent ever since.

What exactly are we supposed to talk about? Read WebMD and pretend to be doctors?

lost my Dad to Leukemia almost 7 years ago. Shit came quick.

Best of luck to Roman, situation really sucks.


The news came out of nowhere, don’t think he ever spoke about his history with leukaemia in public before. Still find it shocking, good luck to him on his recovery.

According to The Observer, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose were not even told about Reigns’ diagnosis. An hour before the show a few people, including Rollins and Ambrose, were told that Reigns would vacate the WWE Universal Championship to open up the show, but weren’t told why and that it would be explained his promo. Reigns reportedly told Rollins and Ambrose to be ready to meet him after his promo was done, but they weren’t told what the promo would be about. Michael Cole also knew that Reigns would be vacating the title to open the show, but it’s believed he didn’t know why. It’s not known if he told Corey Graves and Renee Young beforehand as well. Meltzer reported that Reigns was in a bus all day before the show, which he had requested. Vince McMahon wasn’t at RAW, but was working throughout the day to prepare people who had to know about Reigns’ announcement without providing specifics. McMahon reportedly first found out about Reigns’ diagnosis before the weekend, on Thursday night, October 18th. Reigns missed last weekend’s live events, but there was never a reason given why. Triple H ran Monday’s RAW and produced the announcers, although Vince was in constant contact with him. In addition to Triple H, it’s believed that Kevin Dunn, Mark Carrano in talent relations and writers Dave Kapoor and Ed Koskey knew what the promo would be about. Stephanie McMahon and Michael Hayes were not at the show either. The creative team was told that Reigns was vacating the title and there would be changes to the show. Dean Ambrose turning heel was always the plan, however it was changed to happen on Monday’s show because they felt it would be more effective there instead of continuing with the originally planned storyline.

Big Dog didn’t want people fussing over him that day…the hero we didn’t deserve

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