The 10th Anniversary of Pollock vs. Ting


I’m sorry guys, but I had to since this is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. Agnew’s narration was just perfect.



Definitely pre woke


So Umm… Yeah, love this video!


Holy shit!!! I literally just said out loud between laughter: What the Fuck is this?!

  • where is Pollock vs Ting 1 and 2?!
  • where can I buy a Alcohopollocks shirt
  • what colors will be available for the above referenced shirt in the POST merch shop?
  • who won?
  • is this better than Grapple Kingdom?
  • what year is this?
  • is this the POST Wrestling’s attitude era?!

I’m also asking all of this in Ask-a-Wai thread!
Jeeeezus this was incredible!


POST Wrestling is incredible, but this might be the best thing they’ve ever done.



The Attitude Era was great


Back when John Pollock had hair and tried to educate children on wrestling.


Let’s bring up these videos when they run for office. Haha!


I have a feeling the guys won’t be thrilled about this. But like they say, POST Wrestling is Then.Now.Forever

Also, is that Mauro?!


Mauro used to work with John and Wai at the Fight Network. That’s awesome.


It’s amazing that they look the same way now as they did back in 2009.


POST Don’t crack!


The video don’t work I’m sad


This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.