The 2018 MMA Prediction Show feat. Ariel Helwani

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John Pollock is joined by MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani for the 2018 MMA Prediction Show.

Pollock will run through all of the predictions made for 2017 and then come up with a new list of “Likely or Unlikely” scenarios for 2018.

The two will tackle many of the major stories from the past year, their thoughts on the key stories to watch in the coming year and lots of analysis on the mixed martial arts industry.

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Great show. Would love to hear you and Ariel do a few more shows per year, if he’s up to it.

I also really like your idea for MMA content: PPV wrap-up shows (maybe even add preview shows) and the occasional audio bio. I thought that one you did for Ronda before 207 was awesome, and if you wanna go more abstract, then I loved that splice up you did of that big press conference with all the fighters last year. I think you could do casual MMA fans a great service by highlighting some of the UFC’s better fighters who they may not be familiar with but probably should (Tony Ferguson, Max Holloway, Demetrious Johnson, etc.).

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Definitely interested in an audio documentary or more unique content, the Rousey episode John did in 2016 for 207 was absolutely spectacular.

Always enjoy listening to these annual shows with Ariel, here’s to many more.

My prediction is if UFC PPVs take a dip due to lack of star power and in fighting…Dave Meltzer will somehow defend it.