The 2021 MMA Prediction Show with ESPN's Ariel Helwani

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John Pollock is joined by ESPN’s Ariel Helwani for The 2021 MMA Prediction Show.

We will revisit the predictions made on the 2020 edition and see how Helwani did compared with past years and then, it’s time to make a new list for 2021 as we play “Likely or Unlikely”.

You can go back and listen to the 2020 MMA Prediction Show





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Another year and another terrific epsiode. These keep getting better. For an MMA doc how about WEC 48 - it ties into the sale, Versus, Uriah, Aldo and is an awesome event on its own.

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Love these shows!

These are always a blast and any opportunity for POST to gab about sports media wheelings and dealings is a-okay by me. A terrific listen as usual.

Such a fun show from 2 of my favorites. Always look forward to this one.