The 2023 MMA Prediction Show with Ariel Helwani

Originally published at The 2023 MMA Prediction Show with Ariel Helwani - POST Wrestling | WWE AEW NXT NJPW Podcasts, News, Reviews

John Pollock is joined by Ariel Helwani for The 2023 MMA Prediction Show. They revisit Helwani’s predictions from 2022 to see how he fared before making a new list for 2023 in “Likely or Unlikely”.

Originally recorded Tuesday, January 3rd, 2023.

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A very fun show as always.

However, citing Jim Cornette as support in the wrestling industry for thoughts on the Tony Khan interview is like citing Nia Jax or Lacey Evans as support for anti-vaccination beliefs.


Bruhhhh lmfao :joy:

Couldn’t care less for UFC but always love this show. Ariel is hilarious.
Great show :+1: