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Martin Bushby, Oli Court and Benno return with their brand new podcast reviewing all the major happenings from the British wrestling scene. This first episode features introductions to all the major promotions – PROGRESS, RevPro, OTT, wXw, ICW and more.

Plus, the status of WWE UK, things to look forward to in 2018 and your questions from the POST Wrestling Forum.

Photos Courtesy: Beyond Gorilla - Robyn Goding; WWE

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And like that we’re live! As we’ve launched on a new feed, subscribing or leaving a review on Itunes or Stitcher will be massively helpful to get us going.

Super proud we’re on POST with John and Wai. Let’s have some fun.


Welcome back fellas!


Welcome back gentlemen.


Great show, lads. Looking forward to what the year brings and I also hope Benno breaks out his PROGRESS hot takes!


Subscribed and downloaded, welcome back “FELLAS” :roll_eyes:


Great episode guys, I’ll look forward to the next episode!

Do you think considering that Progress still like to see themselves as the “Underground” punk wrestling promotion, Is this ideology holding them back from breaching a wider audience?

Or do you think that there is more national exposure to be grabbed from this approach to marketing and branding?

I ask that as their shows seem to always be called something too lengthy and usually feature an “In” joke in the headline. e.g. - PROGRESS Chapter 59: Whatever People Say We Are, That’s What We’re Not.

Personally I’d like them to move forward and grow, but I do feel sometimes that the overall vision in terms of storytelling and presentation is a little behind, not to mention the online presence and interactions from Progress. (Though I am still keen on the product)

Laughed at Benno’s comment shortly into the show when he said that the fan base was “not all bad”, I think that it may be a confusing topic going forward for anyone who is completely new to Progress overall and has not perhaps heard the stories on it all :smiley:

@Benno @Martin_Bushby


Yeah I think as with anything, where there’s intense fandom, there can be positives and negatives. Progress do encourage that ultras mentality and their Facebook group particularly can be pretty extreme in it’s non-acceptance of criticism of the product – although I do have to say, you don’t have to go and read that fan group and for the most part, you won’t see much of that elsewhere (unless you do a podcast about Progress – then you may get some of it in your mentions ). I have to remind myself sometimes in the mid-2000’s I was likely equally as evangelical about Ring Of Honor when I was a big fan of them, so lord knows what I’d have been like if someone had negative things to say about the original Summer of Punk – or dared to say Jimmy Rave wasn’t the greatest worker in the world.

Their presentation is a huge part of why people get so into them and I think they’re wise to hold onto the punk branding, even if the WWE relationship hurts whatever “legitimate” punk credentials were to be had, as it still makes them stand out as unique even if there are issues. I think equally, for national exposure, WWE has helped them big time, but there’s a ceiling on that, most likely. If you asked me personally I’d say I prefer my rebel indies to be truly independent, but from a business point of view, what they’re doing is working.


I’m gonna have to get up on more Brit and Euro wrestling after hearing this. As much as WWE has botched the UK Division, it’s gotten me more interested in Progress and ICW


Yeah the main positive to come out of WWE interest in UK indies is that it’s shed more light on a lot of promotions.

As if they couldn’t top themselves anymore, I thought the recent Bate and Dunn rematch on NXT was incredible. Ospreay and Scurll killed it at WK12 too, although I wasn’t a big fan of the purposeful spot calling. Wish they had more for Jack Gallagher (not Galla-herr) to do.