The camera cuts in the final segment

Reached a new high point of making me want to vomit. It is bad enough that we have to sit through yet another November all brand brawlbut the cameras snapping about every 2 seconds made it 100 times worse.
Can beaver dunn retire please

The cuts are not designed to feature anyone. Nobody gets more than a few seconds of air time to do anything noteworthy. It’s all a blur. They want you to feel chaos, they don’t want you to gravitate to one character. Only the musical cues should get a reactions but as soon as that hits, cut cut cut. Except when it’s time to focus on HHH. No cut then :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It’s a crazy accident that Becky Lynch got punched in the face and was made over instantly by fighting through it and into the crowd this time last year. If a single person gets focus, we have a chance to connect. If we are going from camera angle to camera angle with no focus on one particular thing, how am I suppose to see or feel a characters fight?

Compare this style to when AEW shoots their brawls and we complain on how they may run on too long but that’s because one shot of something developing takes a few seconds. It’s not just motion and camera shots for the sake of feeling like something is happening. NXT which I presume has fewer cameras and smaller scale also shoots these better and when they take place backstage or in the parking lot like we’ve seen they have a canvas to do things. Not just flashes around a ring.

It’s like watching an action movie where one punch is like 20 edits, you have no real sense of what’s happening in the scene. It’s all just a blur, and you’re left not knowing what you just watched. Whereas an action sequence, like in John Wick, comes across better, because it’s just a wide shot showing you what happened.


It’s like when flash go blur

These are facts

My TV can’t handle it so everything just becomes a blur. Also gives me a bit of motion sickness.

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