The Dyad’s Jagger Reid and Rip Fowler have ‘exited’ WWE, says Booker T

Originally published at The Dyad’s Jagger Reid and Rip Fowler have ‘exited’ WWE, says Booker T

After a failed request for a release from their contracts in the spring, NXT’s Jagger Reid and Rip Fowler are reportedly done with WWE.

That is according to Booker T, who said the pair had let their contracts expire. He was speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast.

Reid and Fowler, who were known as James Drake and Zack Gibson before they signed with WWE, requested their release from the company in April, but were refused.

At the time, the pair noted that their contracts expired in October.

Booker T said:

The Dyad, those guys just let their contract run out. They’ll be leaving the company. They may be showing up in AEW — you never know. They may be going back to the UK. Those guys were two of my favorites. I thought they had something good going. I like those guys; hate to see them go.

Despite the request for their release, the pair were utilized in high-profile storylines such as the storyline exit and then reinstatement of the Creed brothers.

As the Grizzled Young Veterans, Drake and Gibson were a staple of the UK wrestling scene, particularly in Progress Wrestling, before signing with the now-defunct NXT UK brand in 2018.