The Fact Checking Thread!!!

Facts need to be checked and this is the place to do it.

I’ll start us off with this…

On the January 8th episode of Rewind-A-Raw Wai attempted to list off every Cruiserweight Champion to date. He almost had a perfect score but forgot about the 6 day title reign of Akira Tozawa. Tozawa beat Neville on Raw August 14, 2017 but Neville won it back the following Sunday at SummerSlam.

Let the fact checking begin!


God bless you sir!

On the January 9th edition of “REWIND-A-RAW” both John & Wai ask about the status of Carl’s Jr/Hardee’s in Canada.

Carl’s Jr/Hardee’s have locations In Alberta and British Columbia.They USED to have FOUR locations in Ontario. Two in Toronto, one in Guelph & one in Waterloo all locations now closed.

There’s a story on the failed business relationship between Carl’s Jr. and franchisee 6 Points Food Services.

The difference between the two is really simplistic.

Car;'s Jr. does Charcoal Burgers
Hardee’s does “Thick burgers” (wider, thicker than a Whopper).

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Just to add to the Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. info. (CKE) also own Green Burrito which is usally located inside the Carl’s Jr locations and later they added Red Burrito (same shit) inside of Hardee’s.

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I can understand fact checking the news articles if needed, but do we really need to nitpick the Podcasts?


[quote=“TAnthonyAuld, post:3, topic:1108”]
The difference between the two is really simplistic.

Car;'s Jr. does Charcoal Burgers

Hardee’s does “Thick burgers” (wider, thicker than a Whopper).[/quote]

Another easy way to differentiate the two is that Carl’s Jr. franchises are usually located in the West/South West, while Hardee’s are mainly found in the South East & Mid-West. :100:


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As someone who grew up with Carl’s Jr. and then moved to a state where Hardee’s existed (and then closed) I’ll be honest I will take either at this point. Carl’s fries were awesome.

You must be new…it’s a stable of the podcast and old forum.


I’ve been listening since 2011 and was on the Proboards forum. I was thinking more of channeling my inner Owen Hart, lol


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expecting change in rasslin :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I’m sure this will upset some people…

it’s Ka-zoo-chee-ka. Not Ka-zooch-ka like John and Wai and way to many other people say.

A) Okada himself says Ka-zoo-chee-ka

B) his fellow New Japan wrestlers say Ka-zoo-chee-ka

C) I asked a friend who is Japanese. She is not a wrestling fan. (Full disclosure, she is first generation Canadian and has lived her whole live in Canada. Her parents moved to Canada before she was born. She is fluent in Japanese however and has visited Japan on many occasions)

I wrote Kazuchika Okada down on a piece of paper and asked her how to pronounce it. She said Ka-zoo-chee-ka. I then asked if it was possible for it to be Ka-zooch-ka. She paused for a second, and her exact response was “I suppose, but that would be weird”

Mauro was the only one who said ka-zooch-ka, and I don’t know where he got it from, but he is mistaken. Because he is so trusted by a lot of people, people believed him. Every time I hear somebody pronounce it wrong on any podcasts that I listen to, I have to say it properly to myself.

Rant over. Let the hate begin…

That way John says it he got it from Mauro Ranallo. He said it right the first times and then started changing it. They made fun of it on one of the first reviews of the njpw on axs show.

On Rewind a raw 1/15 John mentioned Maria is very pregnant. She actually has already had her babies.

This is said with love and respect lol

I think you might be mixed up @Miamisun

On September 25, 2017, Kanellis announced she and Bennett were expecting their first child.[100] On January 12, 2018, the couple made an announcement via the WWE’s YouTube channel that their baby is going to be a girl.[101]

You might be thinking of Former WWE Superstar Christy Hemme who has given birth to quadruplets (3 boys and 1 girl). She sent out the news via her official Twitter account.

Surgery went extremely well! Christy and all 4 babies are safe!

— Christy (@hemmepowered) January 7, 2018

But hey, I might be wrong!


Oh wow. You’re right. I completely mixed them up. Apologies to John.

January 16th Rewind a SmackDown

John asks Wai if he was watching the UK feed of the Mixed Match Challenge on the WWE Network - there wasn’t one. It’ll be airing on Thursday night/Friday morning, seemingly along with the rest of the world.

They must have changed it, as I remember them saying on Facebook and Twitter that it will be on Tuesday night.

Thanks for letting me know.

Not sure how your friend is saying it because it’s tough to tell via text, but I just follow NJ themselves:

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It was never on the schedule for it to be on live, the original article by The Mirror only said it would be on the Network in the UK not that it’s be live.

John said January 16, 2017 near the end of the Smackdown podcast… however it is in fact 2018