The Fact Checking Thread!!!



I might be wrong but that’s how I’ve heard John say it for some time now.


Huh, I thought the conversation ended with John saying he’s siding with ‘Hilo’. It was a while ago now though, I can’t even remember on what episode it was brought up, so I could be wrong. The subject has always interested me though.


On the March 14 2018 edition of Rewind-a-Smackdown, John thanks Wai for spending the first 55 minutes of his 34th year with him. John must have attended the WWE school of year counting, because if Wai just turned 34, he’s spent the first 55 minutes of his 35th year with John.


I bet some of you actually look forward to the shows, just to listen for mistakes, so you can come on here and be the first to post them.


I appreciate the guys can take constructive criticism and laugh at themselves. I’ve stopped listening to some other podcasts that have inaccuracies that aren’t corrected. I hate it when people covering the industry know less than me who is just a fan. This group usually brings up minor errors. We’re all human, why not laugh at it.


On a recent podcast John used the “hiro” pronunciation you suggested.


Rewind a RAW March 20th

John and Wai didn’t think any champions changed brand at last year’s Superstar Shake Up. Dean Ambrose took the IC Title to RAW, and Kevin Owens took the US Title to SmackDown.


On the POST ROUNDTABLE #3 show, upNXT’s own Brayden said ‘look at last year (Lesnar) wrestled Goldberg in like a 10 min. match’.

Although it may have seemed that long coming off their 2016 Survivor Series match at 1 minute and 26 seconds, their match last year (at WrestleMania 33) was only 4 minutes and 45 seconds.


On a recent episode, Wai said the word “archetypical” a few times to describe a wrestler.

I believe he was trying to say either "archetypal " or “stereotypical” and merged both words into one. I don’t believe “archetypical” is a real word but it made sense within the context of the conversation at least.

My English major sense is always on when listening to podcasts :slight_smile:


I found another weird one on the inaugural episode of “Up NXT” with Braden Herrington and “Bartender” Dave. Braden asks “Bartender” Dave what goes in an “Incredible Hulk” drink. A fine question. However, he prefaces the drink question to “Bartender” Dave by saying you’re a bartender, right?

Just seemed funny the way it all came out.


Don’t want to post on this thread too often, but a solitary tear formed in the corner of my eye. The microscopic bubbles of sadness started to coalesque and then were released into the air as one, pulled down by gravity. The very fabric of wearing a Post Wrestling T-Shirt (get yours soon at shopify) was shaken. If there were POST bylaws inscribed into a concrete tablet, our fearless leader @johnpollock would surely want this lesson to be near the top. A damn MUST for all Postmarks to abide by …

On the February 28th episode of Keep It 2000, Brian mentions that this is episode 25 of this podcast. Our very own, the beloved @PodFatherSOH wants to celebrate the accomplishment and tells Brian ‘Happy 25th Anniversary of our very first episode of Keep It 2000’.

My tear crashed down onto the concrete. Immediately I pictured John shaking the concrete tablet and saying (in his Vince voice) ‘God DAMN it! That would be the 24th Anniversary!!!’.

I suggest as punishment Nate should have to face @wai0937 at GrappleKingdom 2.

I’d still go through a table for ya Brother Nate (we’ll get a NBA playoff thread going soon called ‘Postin Up’).

Let’s get back to some positivity. Happy WrestleMania week to all!

Nate, I’d like to close with some lyrics from the great Aaliyah:
‘If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off, and try again.’


Hate doing this but…

On the post cafe update, after a really late night watching bloods port in a hotel room with Meltzer, eating the sampler at Oceania and hosting the walemania podcast, Wai must have been exhausted! He got confused with the fighter “Khabib” several times calling him “Habib”

@johnpollock was even more exhausted after his peeling bbq shrimp ordeal as he never caught @wai0937’s error once. I love the LENS guys. Keep it up!


Khabib himself has said both pronunciations are valid because neither is actually correct. The correct version involves a throaty flourish at the start that I can’t type to demonstrate but that some people don’t seem able to do correctly anyway so Khabib accepts both the “Kabeeb” and “Habeeb” versions without issue.


Thank you for fact checking me :slight_smile:


If you actually want to hear the correct pronunciation, that whole explanation is on the UFC Unfiltered podcast from this week that Khabib was on. He arrives about half an hour in and he does the throaty flourish I mentioned when Jim Norton asks him about how to say his name.

I’ve been practicing saying it in conversations with friends ever since and I’ve literally gone through all three different pronunciations this week out of sheer White British inadequacy. It’s like when I started learning how to say Ingobernables… and I still fuck that up from time to time.


I’m surprised I’m the first on here. On the post-mania rewind-a-raw episode, the boys were discussing Seth (friggin)Rollins bragging of becoming a grand slam champion like his shield brethren. The boys forgot Seth (friggin) Rollins beat John Cena for the U.S title at Summerslam 2015. He went on defend both the U.S and WWE title at Night of Champions in a double jeopardy situation completely lifted from Jay Lethal’s ROH world/TV title reign. Seth (friggin) Rollins lost the U.S title at NOC 2015 but retained the WWE championship in the infamous match with Sting that ended his career.

So, all three shield members have won a variation of the WWE world title, tag titles and all three have had U.S and IC title runs. Seth (friggin) Rollins also was NXT champ as John pointed out but he’s not counting that towards the 4 needed to achieve a grand slam. Kevin Owens had mentioned something about titles on TV recently and is also not including the NXT title in his title lineage.


I don’t wanna make a habit of fact checking the fact checker… but it’s Seth Freakin’ Rollins, not friggin’. :kissing_heart:


lol. Please do! Nobody’s perfect. Both freakin and friggin are so stupid. It did feel off typing that. Please keep fact checking my fact checks!


4/9/18 Rewind-A-Raw. Here’s how Wikipedia defines the WWE Grand Slam:

The brand extension was re-established in 2016, and with that WWE indicated that two new championships that had been introduced, the WWE Universal Championship and the SmackDown Tag Team Championship, count as acceptable substitutes for their counterpart titles (WWE Championship and WWE Tag Team – now Raw Tag Team – respectively) as part of the Grand Slam. At WrestleMania 34, Seth Rollins defeated The Miz and Finn Bálor for his first Intercontinental Championship to become the most recent Grand Slam Champion.

Seth Rollins won the US Title at SummerSlam 2015, in the Title vs. Title Match against John Cena in which Jon Stewart interfered.

Rollins, Reigns, and Ambrose have all held the WWE World Heavyweight Title, following the unification of the WWE Title and the World Heavyweight Title [WCW’s Big Gold Belt]. None of them have held the Universal Title yet.

In fact, the Universal Title lineage is incredibly easy to keep track of now: Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, Goldberg, Brock Lesnar.