The Fact Checking Thread!!!


I can’t believe I’m the first one to post this.

The new Incredibles movie is the second, not third. C’mon guys.


I was going to just write this. The big deal about part 2 is that its been like over a decade since the first incredibles


WrestleMania 6 is one of the few manias that still have to be reviewed. 2, 6, and 11 are ones that I know for sure.


Just to add to this, the latest one they did review was 25 so they have all the ones after that.


On the latest UP NXT Braden asked Davie if TFC had qualified for the World Cup. nuff said…

I love the banter between those two guys. Keep it up!


On Rewind-A-Wai #14: Uncensored 1997, John thinks that they have never reviewed Uncensored 1995 when Wai corrects him and says that they have reviewed it. Wai is correct and to just follow up on that here are their ratings from that review back on February 6, 2011.

John = Negative 500
Wai = “An amoeba, the lowest life form”

John’s summary of Uncensored 1995, “It made nocensored!”

In my opinion this was one of their best reviews.


This sounds like an all-time review. And what a pun from JPo


On the last episode of Keep It 2000 there is a couple of things that were mentioned. Near the beginning of the show, Brother Nate asks the fact checkers to tell him when the Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake Superbowl controversy as he’s unsure if it was in 2000 or 2001. It was actually neither as the nipple incident happened in 2004.
Then when talking of the main event of Ric Flair vs. Sting, Brian Mann says “The show closes with the same match that opened it” implying it was the very first match of Nitro. The very first match of Nitro was Brian Pillman vs. Jushin Thunder Liger but Sting/Flair did happen on the show.


Funny enough, we actually fact-checked this on the show (complete w/a pretty strong “we wanted to keep you ‘abreast’ of the situation” pun)…But that gem was left on the cutting-room floor! :joy::100:


Wai said : “It’s been a while since I’ve seen a wrestler record a full album.” Mickie James begs to differ.


A minute into the G1 Climax Primer and I’m gonna do a Brother Nate and throw a flag on the play. WH Parks mentioned that the last time him and Wai spoke on a podcast was when they did the Super J Cup 94 episode of Review-A-Wai back on the LAW. There may be more examples but the one that jumps to my mind is the Super J Cup 95 episode of Review-A-Wai, which saw WH return to review it with Wai & John. Of course, the 95 review came after the 94 review.


On the 7/17/18 Double Shot, the word Wai is (presumably) thinking of is “anachronistic”.
For example, the animated television show Archer is intentionally anachronistic in that it portrays things from different decades such as the KGB and cellular telephones coexisting.

However, Cody’s blond hair on Being the Elite is probably more accurately labeled as a continuity error, not as anachronistic.


So I probably should have finished listening to the show before I posted that. Wai figured it out in the end. Sorry Wai. I’m a jackass.


Heimlich maneuver can be self administered


(Edited after I remembered the In Your House 8 stuff outlined below…)

Didn’t see this elsewhere, so I figure this is the place to put it on the heels on John and Wai’s discussion on the July 16, 2018 edition of Rewind-a-Raw.

Prior to Extreme Rules on Sunday, the only WWE pay-per-view by my count to have a straight-up Intercontinental Title match as the main event was Summerslam 1992.

Backlash 2001 and In Your House 3 were both headlined by tag team matches where the IC Title was on the line in addition to the Tag Team and World Titles, and Hogan/Warrior Wrestlemania VI was Title vs. Title.

There may be another one via technicality in here somewhere, as In Your House 8 was held over two nights due to a power outage. The pay-per-view version (as it appears on WWE Network) ends with a Casket Match for the IC Title between Goldust and the Undertaker. However, the original PPV card ended with the Shawn/Bulldog World Title match (followed by some dark matches). The Casket Match was re-done and aired live on Night 2 in the middle of a longer TV taping as the final PPV match of the night.


While this is true, I wouldn’t recommend it as a first option. I would recommend thrusting your abdomen over the edge of a chair or table, it’s much more effective. This site is pretty good for choking procedures, probably important for people to know.


That’s what I was referring to. I remember being taught that years ago.

This place is full of wrestling fans. I figure a bunch of us live alone and eat chicken wings :stuck_out_tongue:


For the 7/20 G1 Review Wai said that Meltzer gave Omega vs Goto and Ishii vs Naito at 5 stars. That is incorrect as Omega vs Goto got 5 stars but Ishii vs Naito got 4 3/4. Omega vs Naito got the other 5 star match from the first night of B Block.


On the 28/08/2018 edition of Review-A-SmackDown John and Wai discuss the Stanley Cup.

They pretty much got everything right, eventually. During the summer, the “Stanley Cup” in the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto is indeed a replica, as the real one is being shared among the players and staff of the winning team of the past season (the Washington Capitals). For most of the year, the Cup in the HHoF is the real deal.

The Stanley Cup weighs 15.5 kg (34.5 lbs). And John & Wai were also correct in that not every name remains on the Cup. To keep the Cup at a consistent size, a band has to be replaced every so often. I believe a band was removed this year or last.

And Wai was also correct in his assertion that the Stanley Cup is the best looking trophy in professional sports.


Not a POST wrestling fact check, not even a fact check, but a spell check. On the “Turned out a punk” Audioboom site, Wai’s name is spelled wrong. Come on Damian!