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The series debuts Friday March 19th on Disney+. Feel free to discuss here.

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PJ from the UK

I think the girl that Bucky is dating is Mephisto because when they were playing Battleships she said “F4 sunk” in reference to the death of the Fantastic Four.

Otherwise, I thought it was good. They are as usual taking their time with a focus on their background. They want to make the show as down to earth as possible. Glad that there is psychology not just silly action like in some of the DC productions.

Burak from Hertfordshire, UK.

A great action sequence to kick us off and the return of GSP!

It was a nice touch that Falcon drove to Delacroix, Louisiana, as Anthony Mackie was born in New Orleans and talks passionately about it. I hope we get to see him visit New Orleans in the show and go to the Super Dome.

The reveal of Bucky having killed that old guy’s son is heart wrenching. His past keeps seeming to catch up with him. Hopefully it plays out to a nice redemption/forgiveness storyline.

Question. I’ve seen some people complain that the shot of Tunisia was shot with a Yellow/Sepia tint, which to them made out the Marvel is being racist/pushing stereotypes. Do you see any truth in this? It didn’t cross my mind at all when watching.

Is this a case of people purposely seeking to be offended at the smallest thing or does it warrant a wider discussion?

That new Cap has a chin big enough to park the Avenger’s jet on.

Robbie from London, Ontario

I really enjoyed this, as it’s starring 2 Marvel characters I actually really enjoy and connect with, which is a bit rare for me, this one will be much more for me right out of the gate. I thought this weeks set the stage really well, and although I assume the new Cap will be US Agent, since all 3 have held the mantle at some point it does leave you guessing. But I guess I need to finish my Winter Soldier cosplay, at least it’s a good excuse, For now I’ll settle in for Snyder’s Justice League until next week! Enjoy guys.

John from Dayton, OH

The opening action sequence was incredible.
Seeing GSP and Rhodey were legit surprises.
Im so psyched to have this show to watch every week and you guys to break it all down.
Dont know what you’re calling the show, but I came up with:
“W.H.A.T.I.F.”—W.H. And Ting Investigate Falcon /Winter Soldier
Also…the Baron Corbin/Sami Zayn tag team should be called…Baron Zayn-O.

Thanks guys!

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lol, everyone’s Mephisto in all these shows? :rofl:

Of course it didn’t crossed your mind. You are a normal person.

I have to finish it today, cause I fell asleep watching it yesterday (I’m a bit under the weather can be a slight excuse). It was not bad, I’ll say it kept my attention better than WandaVision’s first episode.

Peter from Latvia

Is the No Borders Bad Guys goal to establish the EU? Because we already have the Schengen thing with free travel and everything.

But seriously - what is this show about? Why are Sam and Bucky kept apart for the whole episode? Isn’t this is a buddy-cop show?

In what way did the opening action scene play into the story? Why is the soldier dude the one who tracks the Border Bandits instead of Bucky or Sam? Why not show Sam take on the Cap mantle immediately and receive pushback for “you know what” reasons?

This episode was just wheel spinning for 50 minutes to actually get… well, nowhere. It had nice character moments, sure. But will they play into the story in any meaningful way?

PS - the new Captain America looks like a mega geek.

Brandon from Oshawa

I was originally hoping this series does for Falcon & Bucky, what WandaVision did for Wanda & Vision and turn them into main eventers in the MCU. After 1 episode, I’m not so sure that is what I want anymore and I have a feeling I may come out of this, enjoying other characters more. Falcon really felt like the guy they got, because he was the only one they could get to do their missions and Bucky was sort of irritating at first, but he did get better as the episode progressed.

I enjoyed the episode, but actually came away from it enjoying the performance from GSP the most and I’m hoping he’s going to be around for more than a quick appearance and there are other characters I’m looking forward to seeing, so there is definitely work to be done with Falcon & Bucky, if they want to come out of this series as main event players.

Magan from Ottawa, ON

I felt right at home with Falcon and the Winter Soldier after the sitcom-hopping, reality-bending antics of WandaVision.

  • The action sequences were Winter Soldier-level but the quieter moments with Sam and Bucky stood out as they have very different ways of moving on with their lives post-Blip.

  • Steve Rogers loomed over this episode as Sam’s doubts of filling in some big shoes was palpable. This new Cap could be a front for the Flag Smashers agenda. I liked seeing the classic cover of Cap chin-checking Hitler.

  • I love that Sam’s family got introduced and the dynamic he has with his sister is amusing.

  • I liked seeing GSP as Batroc again, I hope he’s sticking around

Overall, a solid premiere.

Scrump from Chicago

I immediately love this show more than WandaVision for having a 45 min time run as all these shows should, but I digress.

In a universe where aliens, Norse gods, and wizards make you suspend your disbelief, I couldn’t buy into the fact that Sam Wilson is broke or can’t get a loan.

I understand you’ve got to do it for the story, but to suggest that someone who’s so involved with the world being saved can’t walk into every bank ever and get all the loans in the world is insane.

Let’s argue that these people aren’t somehow getting financially compensated or work a day job like Daredevil, surely Sam could go to Pepper Potts and ask for some cash to save his family’s fishing business instead of having to take up Uber, right?

I’m enjoying the rehab that Bucky’s character is getting as you can see the internal struggle with him coming to terms with his past as a murderer.

It’s bold of Marvel to have mental health be such a big part of their first two TV series and I’m here for it.

No crazy cliffhanger for next week as everyone who’s seen any trailer for this knew that US Agent was in it, but I’m very much looking forward to hearing more of Bucky’s experiences on Tinder.

Take care gentlemen.

Nick from Boston

I can totally understand why Marvel intended for this to be the debut of it’s TV lineup. Witnessing the global impact of the blip in a personal & political fashion right from the jump is a huge win for this episode. More so than Spider-Man: Far From Home, here we got a sense of how challenging it’ll be for Sam & Bucky to help put the pieces back together in a truly fractured world.

Being an Avenger should have immense repercussions on your personal life, which is why Sebastian Stan’s performance really stood out to me this week. For a character who hasn’t had much screen-time since Civil War, it was necessary for us to see how he handled his return to society without Steve Rogers by his side to guide him. Hopefully he answers a text from Sam next week.

The opening action sequence was superb, although Sam definitely straight up killed several goons, & hopefully we get to see Zemo next week to really kick things into overdrive. Overall, a very solid character oriented start.

@WH_PARK @wai0937

Thank you for reading out the feedback.

I stumbled across the whole Tunisia/Sepia Tint racism thing on everybody’s favourite platform…Twitter.

Was looking to discuss the episode on there (bad idea by the way) and saw a ton of stuff about this.

If you want to ruin the next 15 minutes of your life, just search for Tunisia Yellow in the Twitter search bar.

p.s. I enjoyed Ezra Miller as The Flash even though I do prefer Grant Gustin’s version on the TV Show

Because that’s not the story they are telling. At the end of Endgame Sam said he didn’t feel like the shield felt like his. That he wasn’t ready or wanted to be “Captain America.” If this show had opened with Sam in a Captain America suit everyone would be saying WTF why did he change his mind. Well that is THIS story. I anticipate by the end of the show we will see Sam wielding the shield or at least having a good reason why he isn’t.

I really loved the Bucky story. A man out of time haunted by his past. Of course he should need therapy and feel uncomfortable not being on the run like he has his entire life. I’m looking forward to seeing what unites Sam and Bucky again. Is it the LAF threat? The dishonor to Steve’s legacy of the new Cap? Both?

This show is obviously not subtle or meta like WandaVision but looks like it will be just as much fun in its own way.

Great listen thanks for the review. Was really impressed with the depth Marvel got to for both of these characters in the first episode. The opening scene stands up with pretty much any MCU action I can recall. Looking forward to next week and will be anxiously waiting to see if WH can creatively weave in some shots at Jay White during the series. That would be fantastic.


The problem is that it becomes refusal of the call and the main character of the show takes a backseat, waiting for the plot to get him. Why can’t Sam be the driving force of this story? Even in the subplot of his sister’s woes, he is a secondary character to her story. There just isn’t enough to hook me, when Sam’s motivations are so poorly shown.

From what I gather, the show will guide us through his motivation to pick up the shield, with the various events surrounding his life influencing the growth required to make that choice.

I wouldn’t expect everything to be spelled out in one episode.

Chris Tobias from Texas

Although I am not the biggest fan of the MCU I still keep up with all the movies and I find that I have a soft spot for one Bucky Barnes and the Winter Soldier is still my favorite MCU movie to this day, so I find myself far more invested in this show than I was with Wandavision.

Unfortunately for Ep.2, the truck sequence didn’t hold a candle to the Falcon v squirrel suit brigade, since this sequence took up the bulk of the episode I was pretty let down this week. My 2 main gripes are with Marvel’s obsession with quiping throughout an action sequence (it removes all the tension and takes me out of scene) and the fact that I don’t understand supersoldier serums, Bucky obviously has it, but does new Cap? And if new Cap does not then what is stopping the Flag Breakers from crushing guys like him and the Falcon’s bones into dust?
I see Enfys Nest is recycling her objective from Solo, I’m sure she’s going to turn out to not be any kind of a villan at all.
To end positively I am all in on the buddy cop heroes and the reoccurring theme of racism. It’s nice to see such a mainstream property tackle this social issue and take a side on racial bias from the police.

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Burak from The UK

Episode 2 down, lots of new questions and another fun episode.

I was a fan of how Bucky just showed up as Sam was boarding the plane, despite having ignored Sam’s texts. No messing around, no ‘where have you been dude?’, just straight into it and some fun exchanges.

They made a good job of making me LIKE John Walker in the first half of the show during his interview segment, and then by the end of show he’s a bit of a douche again.

I loved the introduction of Isaiah Bradley, even though I am not familiar with the character as I’ve not read any comics. It’s good to see Marvel tackling issues like racial injustice.

Bets on Sharon Carter to appear next week now she’s been name dropped?

Also, who do you guys think is texting those threats to Karli? Who would you LIKE it to be?

Thank you both for this POD and a big thank you to WH, who’s detailed explanations and reviews of past comics; has given me a great primer for this show and helped me to enjoy it more.


Peter from Latvia

Bucky and Sam together! I am enjoying their dynamic and their conflict is the driving force this show really needed in episode 1.
This episode alleviated my previous worries and the show is turning up great. The flag guys have better defined motivations now. Sam’s “It’s always the last line” was great. The new Captain A has many small moments that show his inner douche.
But Bucky’s therapist is just awful and antagonistic for no reason. Honestly, a therapist like this would have nothing but clients driven to suicide. Have the writers ever even talked to psychologist?
Can’t wait for Daniel Brühl next week.

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Robbie from London, Ontario

As a kid who grew up reading DC, and as much Captain America as I could get my hands on, and being in a city with lots of comic stores that focused on retro comics, I was loving this episode. I must say when Battlestar swung out to help who I can’t help but call US Agent I had a definite Mark out moment. I read a ton of their era as Cap and Bucky together, so this was awesome. Now I know how my gf felt throughout WandaVision (she’s a big Scarlet Witch fan). Can’t wait till next week!

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