The finals of the G1 Climax are set for Monday at Budokan Hall

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The B Block final took place on Sunday on New Japan’s second night at Budokan Hall and sets up Monday’s G1 Climax final.

Going into the final B Block matches, it was a four-way tie with Jon Moxley, Tetsuya Naito, Hirooki Goto, and Jay White at ten points.

Juice Robinson defeated Jon Moxley and Shingo Takagi pinned Hirooki Goto to eliminate those two leaving it to the final match between Naito and White.

White scored the pin after hitting an Implant DDT and Blade Runner to win the block and will face Kota Ibushi on Monday.

They shot an angle after the final where White called out Ibushi and said they would have a fair match on Monday with no involvement from Gedo. After shaking hands, Gedo grabbed Ibushi and White attacked his previously injured ankle. It concluded with White wrapping a chair around the ankle and blasting it with another chair several times, so Ibushi will be selling the ankle in the match.

Wai Ting and I have our review covering Sunday’s B Block final for members of the POST Wrestling Café. We will also have a show for Patrons on Monday covering the final day of the tournament.

Good show.
Glad we’re getting a different final as Naito v Ibushi has been done a lot this year.

I liked that the English commentators explained that Red Shoes wouldn’t dq either man due to the importance of the match but that sucked for Goto as I believe had this ended in a no contest & Naito & White scored 0 points Goto would’ve won the 10 point tie breaker & thus the block.

Someone needs to admonish Red shoes for being so lenient with his officiating!
He should’ve called this as he would any other match which to be fair he’s pretty lenient anyway.

Unfortunately there was no explanation for what would happen if this went to a time limit draw as both would end on 11 points & obviously their head to head would be a tie.

Would they’ve gone to sudden death? Flipped a coin a’la the 2009 G1 between Makabe & Tanahashi?

Had another match?

Made the final a three way?

Declared Ibushi the winner?

Taken into account their head to heads against the next placed Wrestler; Goto??

Added up total match times & the winner would be the one with the shortest match time???

So erm yeah good show.

Looking forward to the finals :slight_smile:

Chris Charlton explained that they would go to extra time.


Thanks, I must’ve missed that.
Not sure it would make sense though.
Why have a 30 min time limit if only to break it?
Kind of screws Goto out of his tie break win if it was to go that far. :slight_smile:

Time limit = Draw. So they would’ve had 11 pts each, with the next highest in Goto and Moxley at 10. Theoretically if they had fought before Goto’s match, drawn, and then Goto had lost. Then they would’ve had another match with no time limit to guarantee a winner.

I see,thanks for the reply :slight_smile:
I do wonder what would’ve happened if there was a double count out or double dq between Naito & White as surely that would not be a draw but considered as a loss for both men.