The first 3 time hall of famer?

Surely HBK is a lock for this.
On his own
The Rockers.

only other option is Booker T going in as GI Bro

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Evolution must be a mystery to you.

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Ric Flair (solo, 4 horsemen, Evolution)
Triple H (solo, DX, Evolution)

Maybes if they are desperate for star power (which is every year):

Hulk Hogan (solo, NWO, Mega Powers)
HBK (solo, DX, Rockers)
The Rock (solo, Nation, Rock & sock)
Kevin Nash (solo, NWO, outsiders?)
Macho Man (solo first of all, Mega Powers, NWO?)

Who cares?

But HHH will probably end up being like a nine-time hall of famer (solo, DX, Evolution, NXT, Terra Ryzin, Authority, Jean-Paul Levesque, the curtain call, the tank that won the Monday Night War).

Also they should just induct every match he’s ever had at Wrestlemania, especially this year’s when the 49-year-old fights the 50-year-old Batista in a 30-minute epic contest.

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It’s going to be very interesting to see who of the 50 or so members they decide to include as NWO inductees, i hope they don’t just stick with the founding trio. I’m having fun imagining all the members from what i’d say was peak NWO in '97/'98 on stage.
Technically this could be a way for Booker T and Bret Hart to be 3 time hall of famers too. HBK, despite maybe being the worst NWO member ever, could be 4 time.

You’re obviously forgetting the one legend that will go in more than anyone…

Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake
The Zodiac
The Booty Man
The Butcher
The Disicple

Whatever else he was known as.

Bret Hart…Hart Foundation tag team and faction.

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I think I’m more interested to see in another 10 years time who isn’t in the hall of fame.

Who was that insignificant and forgettable that they couldn’t make it in.

You forgot NWO: 2000!