The former Eli Drake appears at NXT TakeOver as "LA Knight"

Originally published at The former Eli Drake appears at NXT TakeOver as "L.A. Knight"

During the NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day pre-show, the former Eli Drake (Shaun Ricker) made his debut on the brand.

Ricker, 38, interrupted hosts Sam Roberts, Wade Barrett, and Brandon Walker. He identified himself as “LA Knight” and put the roster on notice specifically mentioning anyone carrying a championship.

Later in the show, there was a scene where William Regal was seated with Knight as he was signing a contract.

It had been reported earlier in the day by that Ricker had signed with WWE.

This is Ricker’s second stint with WWE after signing in 2013 and reporting to the WWE Performance Center. He made appearances on NXT under the name Slate Randall and was released in August 2014.

He would gain his most fame wrestling for TNA and began to separate himself as a tremendous promo throughout his time with the company that lasted until June 2019.

Up until the pandemic shut production down, he had been working for the NWA. The PWinsider report stated he had been released from his deal with the group in late 2020.


Do they try to find the worst possible name?


Don’t like the name but wouldn’t say it’s a death warrant. Sounds like something an obnoxious, Hollywood douchebag would call themselves and that’s probably what his character will be like.

He’s good on the mic so hopefully that means NXT start doing more promos as that’s something they’re lacking in.


I actually don’t mind the name, there have been worse. And I think his mic skills can get it over