The Great Simulation Do-over (Updated through WWF Judgment Day Results: May 20, 2001)


  • The Rock (c) def. Undertaker to retain the WWF World Heavyweight Championship
  • Test def. Albert in a 3 Stages of Hell match
  • Kane def. Tazz (c) to win the WWF Intercontinental Championship
  • Val Venis (c) def. Ken Shamrock (w/ Stephanie McMahon-Shamrock) to retain the WWF Hardcore Championship
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin def. Chris Benoit
  • The Millenium Men (c) def. The Hardy Boyz
  • The Dudley Boyz def. The APA in a Tables Match
  • Raven def. Macho Man Randy Savage


  • The Main Event was the Match of the Night
  • WrestleMania X-Seven will be headlined by The Rock vs. Test

World Heavyweight Champion: The Rock - 35 days
Intercontinental Champion: Kane - 0 days
Tag Team Champions: The Millenium Men - 35 days
Hardcore Champion: Val Venis (2) - 77 days

World Heavyweight Champion: Sting - 42 days
United States Champion: Owen Hart - 91 days
Tag Team Champions: Team Canada - 70 days
Hardcore Champion: Mark Jindrak - 20 days


Sting (c) vs. Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat

Goldberg vs. Lex Luger

Owen Hart (c) vs. Rick Steiner

Ric Flair vs. Booker T

Jeff Jarrett vs. Curt Hennig

Steve McMichael vs. Rey Mysterio

Team Canada (c) vs. Totally Buff

The Wall vs Billy Kidman

Wrath (c) vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

Magnum T.A. vs. Rowdy Roddy Piper


  • Sting was bested by Ricky Steamboat in a non-title match that set up the Main Event
  • Team Canada escaped Sin with their tag belts thanks to the countout stipulation. This time around, there will be no countouts and no disqualifications to save them
  • Wrath defeated Mark Jindrak for the WCW Hardcore Title on the Mar 5 episode of Nitro
  • A lot of rumours are swirling around WCW’s future these days. Some suggest their TV timeslots might even be in trouble

World Heavyweight Champion: The Rock - 56 days
Intercontinental Champion: Kane - 21 days
Tag Team Champions: The Millenium Men - 56 days
Hardcore Champion: Val Venis (2) - 98 days

World Heavyweight Champion: Sting - 63 days
United States Champion: Owen Hart - 112 days
Tag Team Champions: Team Canada - 91 days
Hardcore Champion: Wrath - 13 days



  • Eric Bischoff’s attempt to purchase World Championship Wrestling hit a fatal iceberg today as AOL Time Warner executive Jamie Kellner has cancelled Nitro and Thunder
  • Bischoff has been said to have told those near to him that this move makes WCW virtually worthless
  • Whether this is legitimate or just posturing by Easy E will still have to be seen

Nooooo. I was really hopeful that WCW would continue post merger. It had been a better product with bigger stars for much longer periods of time in the simulation.

Although it seems like both companies had a rough 2000.

Yeah I’m still preferring WCW in this timeline. Does this mean we get the invasion

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I gave it some thought. I didn’t think that it changes AOL’s decision to get away from wrestling. They didn’t even like it during the boom period in 1997 - it certainly wouldn’t have been the case in 2001 once the non-Turner element gained power.

In short - this was always gonna be a fixed point.

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*Ricky Steamboat def. Sting (c) to win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship

  • Lex Luger def. Goldberg
  • Owen Hart (c) def. Rick Steiner handily to retain the WCW United States Championship
  • Booker T def. Ric Flair in a Falls Count Anywhere match
  • Curt Hennig def. Jeff Jarrett
  • Steve McMichael def. Rey Mysterio
  • Team Canada (c) def. Totally Buff in a Tornado Tag match
  • The Wall def. Billy Kidman in under 5 minutes
  • Wrath (c) squashed. Bam Bam Bigelow to retain the WCW Hardcore Championship
  • Magnum T.A. def. Rowdy Roddy Piper


  • Sting was bested by Ricky Steamboat in a non-title match that set up the Main Event
  • Team Canada escaped Sin with their tag belts thanks to the countout stipulation. This time around, there will be no countouts and no disqualifications to save them
  • Wrath defeated Mark Jindrak for the WCW Hardcore Title on the Mar 5 episode of Nitro
  • A lot of rumours are swirling around WCW’s future these days. Some suggest their TV timeslots might even be in trouble

World Heavyweight Champion: The Rock - 56 days
Intercontinental Champion: Kane - 21 days
Tag Team Champions: The Millenium Men - 56 days
Hardcore Champion: Val Venis (2) - 98 days

World Heavyweight Champion: Ricky Steamboat (2) - 0 days
United States Champion: Owen Hart - 112 days
Tag Team Champions: Team Canada - 91 days
Hardcore Champion: Wrath - 13 days

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  • Vince McMahon opened WCW Nitro with a simulcast announcing that he had bought WCW Nitro and was going to sign the contract to finalise the sale in the middle of a WWF ring at WrestleMania
  • Shane McMahon closed the show by signing the contract in the middle of the WCW ring in Panama City claiming that just like at WrestleMania X-Seven, his new company, WCW would kick Vince’s ass in the future

Sooooo TNA is coming still??

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The question is whether you wanna know…


I mean I always want TNA! But do we get the Jarrett domination era still lol


The Rock (c) vs. Test
In a sitdown interview with The Rock and Jim Ross. Test talked about the last few years and everything he’s lost. He says that this Sunday at WrestleMania, he shows the world what he’s known all along. He’s always been destined for greatness. This Sunday, it’s the Rock that fails the Test

Vince McMahon vs. Shane McMahon
Vince has been womanising with Trish Stratus for months, and disrespecting his wife in the process. Vince recently chose Steph over Trish as Trish was nothing more than a toy. Shane has returned to fight for his comatose mother’s honour. Shane’s purchase of WCW is just the opening salvo.

Val Venis (c) vs. Eddie Guerrero vs. Jerry Sags
Val Venis is the longest reigning WWF Hardcore Champion in history. His feud with Eddie Guerrero goes back even longer than his Hardcore Title reign though. What happens when both elements combine here? Jerry Sags was unsuccessful in a challenge just a few weeks ago. What happens when Venis has to worry about more than just his title?

The Hardy Boyz vs. The Dudley Boyz vs Edge & Christian
A brainchild of the Dudley Boyz after their victory over the APA led to nothing for WrestleMania. They’ve gathered 2 other hotshot young tag teams looking to put a spotlight over themselves

Kane (c) vs. Chris Benoit
Chris Benoit had a coming out party at the Rumble but hasn’t really found the same success since. A run with the IC strap could put the rocket on his back. In his way though is a Big Red Machine who knows a bit about peaking at the Rumble and using the IC strap to rehabilitate his fortunes

Ivory (c) vs. Chyna
The Right to Censor’s female member aggravated a neck injury of Chyna in an earlier matchup but Chyna claims she’s healthy for the rematch. Is Ivory right to be scared?

Undertaker vs. Haku
The Undertaker was on a run for the ages at the Rumble until he was eliminated by ‘the hardest man on the island’. What happens when it’s 1 on 1 under the brightest lights of them all?

Raven vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
Both men are 3-time WWF World Champions yet Raven claims he’s being disrespected by the WWF brass, disregarded by the WWF fans, and overlooked by his WrestleMania opponent. What happens if Raven is just as good as he claims he is?

The Radicalz vs. The APA
Sometimes it’s just about hard men throwing hard punches. Watch out for Malenko’s technical game to perhaps be the difference in this one

Macho Man Randy Savage vs. Ken Shamrock
Savage took Shamrock’s place in the Rumble? Why is Savage so angry at Vince McMahon’s son-in-law? He hasn’t said but we do know that after losing to The Rock in a five-star classic last year, this could be the former WWF Champion’s last chance for a final win at the showcase of the immortals

The Millenium Men (c) vs. X-Factor (Credible & X-Pac)
The unlikely pairing of the arrogant Jericho and no-nonsense Holly has paid off hansomely for both men but now they’re up against one of the WWF’s power players in X-Pac and his new tag-team partner, Justin Credible. Will X-Pac’s experience be the difference or will Credible prove less than credible when he needs to step up most?


  • There were plans for some WCW contracted wrestlers to be involved in the Vince/Shane match but that’s been pivoted away from.

World Heavyweight Champion: The Rock - 70 days
Intercontinental Champion: Kane - 35 days
Tag Team Champions: The Millenium Men - 70 days
Hardcore Champion: Val Venis (2) - 112 days

World Heavyweight Champion: Ricky Steamboat (2) - 14 days
United States Champion: Owen Hart - 126 days
Tag Team Champions: Team Canada - 105 days
Hardcore Champion: Wrath - 27 days

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The Mastadon may have had runs elsewhere but without question achieved his highest success in the WWF as a 3 time World Champion amassing 196 days with the title across those reigns. However, Vader began his run in the WWF by winning the 1996 Royal Rumble match from the #25 spot and eliminating 5 men along the day to his victory. However, he came up short in his WrestleMania main event against Bret Hart. Vader would defeat Brian Pillman for the IC title at IYH 12 that December before dropping the belt to 2 Cold Scorpio a couple of months later. Vader would defeat Yokozuna (the last man he eliminated in his Rumble win 15 months earlier), but come up short against long-time rival Bret in a #1 contender’s match the following month. Vader would feud with Shamrock and Undertaker that summer before beating Brian Pillman for another title that September, the WWF World Heavyweight Championship. Vader would drop the belt to Bret Hart on an episode of Monday Night Raw. Vader would regain the belt over Shawn Michaels at the 1998 Royal Rumble, and retain over Ken Shamrock in the Main Event of WrestleMania XIV (even if by countout victory), and then do it again (this time by pinfall over Shamrock) the following month. Vader would drop the belt to Jeff Jarrett that May and then feud with longtime rival Vader throughout the summer months. Vader would then go on a run to the finals of the Deadly Games tournament but his countout loss prevented Stone Cold Steve Austin a WWF Title win after all. Vader was awarded the initial WWF Hardcore Championship and appeared to be on a downward trajectory until he won the WWF Championship for a 3rd time in the Main Event of SummerSlam 1999 defeating champion Mankind and Ken Shamrock in a Triple Threat before losing the belt without being pinned in a six-pack challenge that was won by Ken Shamrock. Vader would play out the string of his WWF contract with an unsuccessful rematch against Shamrock & Mankind where he did submit and then his final match happened later that year by besting longtime rival Stone Cold Steve Austin one more time in December of 1999.

Vader was a 5 time Top 20 PWI selection, a 2-time Top 10 selection and peaked in 1996 as PWI’s #3 wrestler in the industry. He’ll be remembered as a legitimate main eventer for any champion or contender, providing them with an obstacle that was always credible.


Billed from French Polynesia, while shouting out ‘Samoa’, he’d be led to the ring by a Japanese flag being carried by a Hawaiian man - only in Professional Wrestling could this combination work, but it certainly worked with Yokouzna. Yokozuna debuted in the WWF by squashing Jim Powers on Saturday Night’s Main Event. and would follow that up by winning on PPV consistently, besting the Red Rooster and then Randy Savage for his WrestleMania debut at WM IX. Yokozuna would suffer his first PPV loss to Damien Demento at Summerslam '93, and then lost to Roddy Piper at WM X by being put to sleep. However, he reset the following summer by squashing Jacques Rougeau and then won the Royal Rumble from the #14 spot (still the highest entry for a win to this day) and eliminated 7 men (also a record that stands to this day). However, Yokozuna lost to Shawn Michaels in the Main Event of WrestleMania XI and then crashed out of the KOTR tournament in the 1st round to Tito Santana. That summer Yokozuna and Owen Hart teamed up to instant and perpetual success, winning the Tag Titles at the 1996 Royal Rumble and would successfullly defend them at WM 12 against Hakushi and Barry Horowitz before dropping them to Sid & The Kid that May. However, Yokozuna would then defeat Scotty Flamingo to win the WWF World Heavyweight Championship the following month. Yokozuna would defeat Owen Hart in the main event of SummerSlam before losing the belt back to Flamingo a month later. Yokozuna would earn another shot at Flamingo’s title but come up short at Survivor Series and again at the Royal Rumble. Yokozuna would then lost to Steve Austin before feuding with Vader throughout the summer. Yokozuna’s final appearance with the WWF was a 1st round loss in the Deadly Games tournament to Goldust.

Yokozuna will be remembered with all the same platitudes as Vader. Yokozuna was a 3-time Top 10 PWI selection and 1995’s PWI Wrestler of the Year. It would be an insult to call him a poor man’s Vader but in a world where only 1 of the 2 were in the WWF, we could see far greater success for Yokozuna (and Vader), in such a scenario.



A definite star before he came to the WWF - it would be irresponsible to not laud the greatest Intercontiental Champion of All Time. Scorpio made his WWF PPV debut at In Your House 13 and beat Vader for the Intercontinental Championship, a title he would hold for a record 406 days besting challengers such as Ahmed Johnson, Hunter Hearst Helmsley (at WrestleMania 13), Owen Hart, Davey Boy Smith, and The Undertaker during this run before finally dropping the title to the Deadman at WrestleMania 14. Scorpio came up short on his rematch aspirations and eventually created a tag team with Savio Vega who challenged for Chainsaw Charlie & Cactus Jack’s titles but came up short. Scorpio then feuded with Mankind in the winter of 1998 before besting Jeff Jarrett at WrestleMania XV. Scorpio would get a handful of World Title shots but was unsuccessful all times, often being submitted by Ken Shamrock to end the matchups

Scorpio finished a 4 time Top 20 selection by the PWI, a 2-time Top 10 selection and peaked in 1997 at #4. While he may never have had the credibility of Vader or Yokozuna as a top of the card performer, he was without question, The Greatest Intercontinental Champion of All Time.


There’s often jokes made at the expense of Brutus ‘The Fucking Barber’ Beefcake but he was a mainstay of the rock & wrestling era. Beefacke appeared at the 1st WrestleMania, losing to David Sammartino, and often floated around the midcard, making up the numbers during the golden era of Professional Wrestling. He appeared in the Main Event of Summerslam '89 when Macho Man & Zeus killed Hulkamania However, Hogan and Beefcake would win a rematch 7 months later. Beefcake ran that momentum all the way to the Toronto Skydome and WrestleMania VI where he defeated The Genius to win the WWF Intercontinental Championship before dropping it to Haku 2 months later. Beefcake challenged Macho King Randy Savage for the crown of the WWF at WrestleMania VII but unsuccessfully. Beefcake left the WWF at the end of the year.

Beefcake was a 2-Time Top 20 selection by the PWI, peaking at #15 in 1991. He should be remembered as a legitimate fan favourite and underdog who connected with a crowd in a way that modern cynicism and concerns over workrate can’t quantify. He was simply over.

2000-2001 YEAR IN REVEIW

Let’s see how my predictions for the year that was turned out

  • I was right about Bret Hart and he was the #1 Babyface for as long as he was active, returning to the WWF in Feb but then retaining at WM 2000 before being involved in a 3 way feud with Ken Shamrock and Val Venis for most of the spring and summer before trading wins with Mankind on the way out. Bret’s departure left the #1 Babyface spot wide open, and while many expected Austin to fill that roll, it’s not quite how it ended up happening. I can’t help but feel a little sad we didn’t get more dream matches (Bret vs Rock for one), but sometimes the past doesn’t want to be changed. Bret didn’t retire in Feb 2000 but he wouldn’t escape the calendar year before hanging them up.
  • Steve Austin: I said a title run was likely but not a guarantee and I’m glad I put the proviso in place. Austin was just at the heels of the Main Event but never really got a crack (6 man Armageddon HIAC notwithstanding). Chris Benoit bumped all over the country all year long to try and rehab Austin’s Main Event status but it didn’t quite happen in 2000-2001
  • Undertaker is another guy who didn’t really get in the Main Event. Mostly due to his “am I a tag wrestler or not?” crisis that dominated the 12 months. He did main event No Way Out against The Rock but we were expecting more
  • I said Mick Foley’s window was likely closed and I guess he thought so too, feuding with Bret and then jumping to WCW for the remainder of the year.
  • I called that Ken Shamrock’s union with Stephanie McMahon would be a career changer and it’s been just that. He’s been the #1 heel for the WWF for about 15 months now and that’s not slowing down anytime soon. He could main event any PPV at any time and win the belt and he’s got credibility
  • Kane took a definite step back this year. It seemed he failed every major obstacle in front of him and may have peaked with his 2000 Rumble win and WM 2000 Main Event spot. Still, a late win of the IC strap could rehabilitate his Main Event chances on the other side
  • I said this was the legacy building year for Arn Anderson and Randy Savage. Savage won himself a world title and will likely be remembered much more prominently than if he hadn’t. Arn Anderson, on the other hand, called it a day right after WM 2000. He’s going to be an all-time ‘what if?’ candidate
  • Triple H was on the cusp on the IC strap on a few occassions but he’s not even on WM and the brass have stopped trying to make it happen.
  • Of the big young 4 I mentioned (Benoit/Jericho/Eddie/Kurt) - they’ve all made progress this year but I think Chris and Eddie are the 2 who have really broken out. Benoit needs out of this eternal feud with Steve Austin and Eddie needs to get away from the Val Venis feud but they’ve had a very successful 2000-2001 season. Jericho is partnering with Holly and doing well to hang onto the belts but he could do with actually getting booked on Raw rather than Heat every week. Hardcore Holly has got a nice little niche going for himself here too. Kurt Angle is finally showing the smallest amount of progress. Pro wrestling just hasn’t come that naturally to him, I guess.
  • I said the tag division was underpopulated last year. With The Millenium Men, E&C, The Dudley Boyz, The Hardy Boyz, Haku & Rikishi, X-Factor, The Brothers of Destruction, The APA, The Radicalz, The Nasty Boys, Too Cool, and Goldust/Meanie - the tag division may never have been this deep before.
  • I also need to give some ink (virtually) to a pair of Canadians in Test and Val Venis who have seen their stock skyrocket. Test goes on a long tag team championship run with Albert and then segues that into winning the Royal Rumble and seeing the Main Event of WretleMania just 15 months or so after Ken Shamrock and Stephanie McMahon broke his heart.
  • Venis on the other hand, had a schock WWF Title win but then dropped the belt right back in a double turn with Bret before bouncing around for another title win off Ken Shamrock. Even a pivot to the Right To Censor couldn’t slow him down as he’s taken the hardcore title and gone on a never-before-seen run with the strap. He might not be in that upper echelon of contenders but he’s firmly in the next tier down and a world title challenge at a B PPV would be totally justified
  • I said 2000 felt like a calibrating year. I think that stands true. The cream has risen to the top and there’s a mix of expected and unexpected names at the top of the card
  • From my perspective, the first prediction is bang on, Hogan walked out after Bash at the Beach and WCW didn’t have the starpower to survive this in the Main Event with a mix of Hennig, Mangnum T.A., and Meng holding the belts before Sting finally reached the zenith and won the world title. If WCW had seen more new guys being made and reaching the top, maybe there’d be more heart-wrenching about keeping them around. Then to prove my point, Steamboat goes over Sting in WCW’s final PPV (not that they knew it at the time but that felt an underwhelming finish)
  • I said that there was a list of ‘almost there’ types that could move the needle (Nash, Hall, Scott Steiner, Luger, Sting and Raven). Nash treaded water, Hall went back to the WWF, Steiner continues to be overshadowed by his older brother, Luger peaked with his wars against Hart, Raven went back to the WWF, and only Sting brought freshness to the Main Event
  • I also said WCW had amassed a stable of veterans who were past their relevance date: Hennig was world champion, Piper and Magnum had a feud that never ended for the enitrety of the year, Koloff retired, Maximus was hurt, Vader retired, and Steamboat ended the company’s existence as their world champion
  • As for other guys who could make a run out of the blue - Sid went back to the WWF, Rey is floundering, Booker T has slowly been making gains but will be at his best later and Goldberg finally put it togeteher, he won the U.S. Title, got painstakingly close to the Main Event picture but was always blocked by some political movements
  • Cactus Jack came back and retired Terry Funk while Flair also stuck around
  • Owen Hart might have been a bright spot had we gone on for another 12 months. In WCW in felt he finally stepped out of his brother’s shadow or the auspices that he was ‘just a tag guy’
  • I said DDP could be the one to break through - he had a pedestrian year and my prediction that Jeff Jarrett would be the chosen one and win a world title got swamped by a 6 month plus feud with Curt Hennig
  • WCW had moments of success this year but they couldn’t overcome the deficit in starpower once Hogan left and no-one elevated to his spot. They just became another 'rasslin company and we know how they did in the Attitude Era

Well maybe not all in agreement but from my perspective there wasn’t enough intrigue to pivot from my thought process of a fixed point. Had Austin or Taker or Rock jumped, sure. Or if Sting and Goldberg made it to the pinnacle around this time - yup. But outside of a few names that midcard (and lower midcard) scene is a mess. And you know they’re not just going to disappear…


Let’s look at the landscape, shall we?


  • The Rock is the guy. There’s a layer of guys beneath him who could all run with the belt but the TV product will be centered around The Rock for much of 2001-2002. He’ll have a prominent spot, if not the main event at WrestleMania X8 in Toronto, Canada
  • After a rehab year, Steve Austin might not be the clear #2 but he’s part of a pack that owns that spot. He should distinguish himself from the pack during the year though and I think several PPVs with Rock/Austin on top should be expected
  • Ken Shamrock’s career changing push isn’t likely going anywhere. He will be the fly in the ointment for much of the main event scene and I wouldn’t put a title reign past him
  • Undertaker is also part of that group and hasn’t really had a run as THE guy. With Rock, Austin, and Shamrock all so over, Undertaker gives Vince McMahon so many options for places they can go at the top of the card
  • Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero could own the midcard titles this year but they seem above that spot. However, Benoit’s run against Austin would suggest he’s not quite top of the card material just yet - I’d argue the same is true for Edddie
  • Don’t discount Val Venis. He’s taken every opportunity and run with it. What’s the next option once the RTC runs it’s course. Venis is upper midcard for this year anyways and we’ll see what happens then.
  • Test is going to have a very big 48 hours. He’s either a made man and will be in the mix from here on out or perhaps this is the peak - don’t discount though, Mankind and Shamrock both lost as Rumble winners and then went on to achieve success at the very top of the game.
  • Randy Savage is having dream matches but has to feel father time crawling near. Is it best to get out before the legacy he’s now built begins to tarnish? Include HOFer Rick Rude in this same ascertation
  • X-Pac has been a surprise in 2000 and his 2 IC title reigns have got people championing him for a bigger push still. Will he be exposed against the main eventers on the roster?
  • Haku and Raven feel like 2 sides of the same coin. Both former world champions but nowhere near the Main Event scene both with big WrestleMania programmes. It’s a coin flip whether they’re in stronger positions come Toronto and WrestleMania X8
  • Will Triple H ever become a thing? I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is the year he skyrockets up the card. Not Main Eventing but he’ll be in the tier where Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero find themselves now.
  • Sid (40) and Chris Jericho (30) are kind of in the same boat. Kurt Angle (32) too. Varying ages but so much more is expected than what is being delivered.
  • This is also a prove it year for the young tag division. They’ll get the opportunities but what will E&C and The Hardys do this year (maybe The Dudleys too)


  • This year is going to feel like the big scene in Avengers: Endgame. We’ve got all our toys in the same space - now it’s time to smash them all together. Don’t forget, some of those names from WCW have to end up somewhere…

WrestleMania has been spectated and recorded - the simulation has also been ported over to WWE 2K24. I’m hoping for a good run as we make our way through 2001.



  • The Rock def. Test to retain the World Heavyweight Championship in an all-time classic
  • Vince McMahon def. Shane McMahon soundly in a Street Fight
  • Val Venis (c) def. Eddie Guerrero & Jerry Sags to retain the WWF Hardcore Championship by pinning Sags
  • Edge & Christian def. The Hardy Boyz & The Dudley Boyz in a TLC match to become #1 contenders for the WWF Tag Team Titles
  • Kane (c) def. Chris Benoit to retain the WWF Intercontinental Championship
  • Ivory def. Chyna definitively to retain the WWF Women’s Championship
  • Undertaker def. Haku
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin def. Raven in a Raven’s Rules match
  • The APA def. The Radicalz when Farooq pinned Perry Saturn
  • Macho Man Randy Savage def… Ken Shamrock in a Falls Count Anywhere match
  • X-Factor def. The Millennium Men to win the WWF Tag Team Titles when X-Pac pinned Chris Jericho


  • Stephanie McMahon ran down during the Main Event and offered help to Test when Rocky was vulnerable but Test turned her away
  • Test was distraught after losing the match to The Rock but Rock helped him up and shook his hand before the two men embraced at the end of the match and Test yielded the ring to The Great One
  • Shane McMahon gave a shoutout to his ‘boys’ in WCW before his match and tried to do so again despite being thoroughly outclassed by his father in a rare moment of having the upper hand. However, his wave to the WCW wrestlers allowed McMahon to hit a stunner for the win
  • Chyna had hidden Ivory’s wrestling gear and she was forced to wrestle in her old gear but got a very positive reaction from the crowd which seemed to bring some joy to Ivory. She then put in a surprise victory over Chyna
  • It’s said that Shane Helms will make his debut for the WWF immediately. However, his previous affilitation with WCW will not be acknowledged

World Heavyweight Champion: The Rock - 70 days
Intercontinental Champion: Kane - 35 days
Tag Team Champions: X-Factor - 0 days
Hardcore Champion: Val Venis (2) - 112 days

Last year in parentheses

  1. The Rock (WWF - 4)
  2. Macho Man Randy Savage (WWF - 16)
  3. Stone Cold Steve Austin (WWF - 9)
  4. Bret Hart (Retired - 1)
  5. Sting (WCW - 8)
  6. Undertaker (WWF - 2)
  7. Test (WWF - 48)
  8. Ken Shamrock (WWF - 3)
  9. Eddie Guerrero (WWF - 10)
  10. Owen Hart (WCW - 28)
  11. Val Venis (WWF - 105)
  12. Chris Benoit (WWF - 7)
  13. X-Pac (WWF - 25)
  14. Kane (WWF - 13)
  15. Magnum T.A. (WCW - 12)
  16. Curt Hennig (WCW - 14)
  17. Haku (WWF - 17)
  18. Hacksaw Jim Duggan (WCW - 53)
  19. Lex Luger (WCW - 22)
  20. Goldberg (WCW - 128)

Other Notables

  • Raven (21), Booker T (22), Faarooq (23), Ric Flair (24), Cactus Jack (25), Razor Ramon (26), Mike Awesome (28), Hollywood Hogan (29), Kevin Nash (31), Ricky Steamboat (32), Jeff Jarrett (36), Roddy Piper (37), Vampiro (39), Rick Rude (40), Triple H (44), Christian (45), Diamond Dallas Page (50), Lance Storm (55), Matt Hardy (59), Scott Steiner (63), Big Show (66), Chris Jericho (67), Terry Funk (68), William Regal (69), Arn Anderson (70), Edge (71), Rey Misterio Jr (95), Kurt Angle (99), Shane McMahon (153)

Highest Debut: Mike Awesome (28)
Most Improved: Goldberg (up 108)
Biggest Fall Chris Kanyon (down 62)



The Rock (c) vs. Undertaker

Val Venis (c) vs. Eddie Guerrero

Kane (c) vs. Test

Ivory (c) vs. Trish Stratus

The Dudley Boyz vs. Right To Censor

Rikishi & Haku vs. The APA

X-Factor (c) vs. Edge & Christian


  • Kane and Undertaker reunited on Raw with a quest to go after all the singles gold and then pursue the tag belts as well
  • The Rock is garnering some mainstream attention. He hosted SNL during WrestleMania week and is tipped to be filming a major motion picture in the near future.

World Heavyweight Champion: The Rock - 98 days
Intercontinental Champion: Kane - 63 days
Tag Team Champions: X-Factor - 28 days
Hardcore Champion: Val Venis (2) - 140 days

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