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Hey everyone - go listen to UpNxt’s Patreon show Greatest WrestleMania with John and Wai and Mike Murray

Okay free plug out of the way.

Let’s play a game. Inspired by their concept. Let’s make our own WrestleMania.

Everyone noninates dream matches and if it receives X number likes (hearts) it makes the Card. We’ll make a 7 match card. Every active wrestler is available to be chosen no matter promotion or spot on the card in current promotions. If you want to explain why you nominate a match that could be fun and lead to some weird tangents. Number of likes required to fill out the card below:

Main Event - 7 likes - Daniel Bryan vs ZSJ
Semi Main - 6 likes - Brock vs Minoru Suzuki
Tag Team - 5likes - YoungBucks v TheRevival
Women’s 5 likes
Jrs - 4 likes - Osprey vs Rollins
Undercard - 4 likes - John Cena v Tanahashi
Undercard - 4 likes -

I’ll drop a first nomination below and update this top thread as the card is booked

Post nominations separately so upvotes are obvious.

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Young Bucks vs The Revival


Hiroshi Tanahashi vs John Cena


Brock Lesnar vs Minoru Suzuki


Yano Toru vs Orange Cassidy

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Daniel Bryan Vs Zack Sabre Jr.


I’m conflicted about this one. Even two years ago, I would’ve absolutely agreed with this. I mean it will still be a spectacle, but one has to think both Cena and Tanahashi have slowed down a fair bit.

Bork laser v Orange cassidy

But the marquee will never not be bright for this

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Sasha Banks Vs Becky Lynch Vs Charlotte Vs Bayley.

This match has been rumoured for years now. It would need a lot of heating up given the Heel Bayley and rather cold Sasha, but just the personal stories and rivalries and history between these 4 could lead to a fantastic build up. I would have Bayley in the underdog baby-face role ala NXT, Becky in her current Man “Edgy Baby-face tending to Tweener” persona, Charlotte in a very similar “Ric Flair-esque heel tending to Tweener persona” and Sasha in like the absolute Bastard Boss Persona ala NXT.

I’m sure there are better wrestlers in Stardom and other promotions but I’m not super familiar with them. I’ve seen like Arisa Hoshiki, Jungle Kyona, Hana Kimura, Tessa Blanchard here and there and probably when you add Asuka, Io, Candice etc., you can get a better match.
But the storytelling and spectacle for this would be spectacular (IF DONE RIGHT)

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Just curious, your final list would have no repeat appearances right? I mean if Kenny is the main event, he can’t also be in the Tag match.

Will Osprey vs Seth Rollins


Tyler Bate vs. Tomohiro Ishii


My thinking was if people like/ participate in this thread we can complete different themed cards once we fill one up

Rey Mysterio vs Rey Fenix vs Pentagon Jr vs Ryu Lee - loser loses their mask for the Jrs match

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Darby Allin vs Jeff Hardy

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Adam Cole (bay bay!) vs Okada

I feel like Hardy mid 2000s would be perfect for this but now he’d be very slow with Darby

I would’ve loved to see a HBK vs. Tanahashi match. Also, for some reason, we never got a Rock vs HBK match.

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