The inaugural All Elite Wrestling thread


That’s a unique PPV, I’m talking TV in the long run.



I imagine at first they will try to keep them exclusive. They are paying these guys good money and there is no need for the wrestlers to supplement their income elsewhere. If they let all the wrestlers work on other people’s tv they are really shooting themselves in the foot out of the gate.



There is no TV yet, which means why run the risk of singing these guys to bigger/longer deals without the TV money in hand yet. I expect once they have TV locked up they will make bigger/longer-term more exclusive offers. Plus some of these guys have the Lucha Underground jinx on them still and can’t sign exclusively so they are taking date everywhere since Lucha pays them next to nothing.

Meanwhile they just sold out again…on another holiday weekend…in a non-wrestling market…
…it was one thing when it was All-In and the only show like it in Chicago…this is not the first, and definitely won’t be the last and yet tickets went that fast. People should stop underestimating the number of passionate wrestling fans that exist. Sure, it’s not the mainstream but it’s more than enough to support an endeavor like this and make the company viable.



I agree with you and that is the one reason I cant completely get into this yet. I feel like AEW can be the biggest thing we’ve has since WCW went out of business, but if I can just see the same guys, wrestling in various other promotions, it wont feel the same.



I think it’s important that guys are exclusive. As awesome as the indy scene has been for fans recently, I don’t think that the individual promotions have gained as much from it in the long term. The landscape has become about “guys” not brands. In 2018, the Young Bucks worked for NJPW, ROH, WSW, PWG - and many others are in similar situations.

If AEW is serious about long-term success on a national and international level, it needs to be a brand where attractions and talents like the Young Bucks (bad example due to their backstage involvement, but you get it) are ONLY available on their television and at their events. Maybe they can’t go full speed ahead with that from day one, but it needs to be the long-term plan.

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Sold out in 4 minutes. I guess maybe they know a bit more about what they’re doing than us armchair general managers



I’m not concerned about them selling PPV tickets. I’m waiting to see what the TV stuff is going to look like.

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What i’m looking forward to see is how many tickets where bought by real fans and how many where bought by scalpers. All in sold out in minutes but they add a lot of tickets that showed up on resell sites, so did the ROH garden show. So scalpers are not dumb, they know that this is one of the hottest show going on in vegas, so does fans trying to make a quick buck. So selling out is great and all for them but imagine how much money peoples are making off they’re product by reselling tickets for this show at double or even triple the price.



FWIW, I bought real Supercard and WrestleMania tickets and that didn’t stop me from posting them onStubhub for 3-5x as much. It’s pretty normal behavior in ticket buying. If you can make 3x or more and are okay not going, do it!

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Not sure how or why that data would ever become public?

Selling tickets (to fans) is hard, this podcast from Freakonomics has some great insight.

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The two dumbest things happening in the “IWC” right now, one on each side of the equation:

  1. Grasping at straws to downgrade what AEW has accomplished.

  2. Pretending that selling out a “super card” with months of promo and no other events in the meantime is the same as building a consistent and sustainable viewing (and spending) audience.



Happens with most popular events, so what?

It’s the opposite of WWE tickets, which are ice cold. Look at Rumble this year. I went to Mania and the Raw after and it was not hard at all to get tickets.



Just wondering what are your take on the fact that the price of tickets for double or nothing on the secondary market is slowly dropping?

I far as i’m concerned, the fact that you we really don’t talk that much about AEW right now and kinda hurt the interest surrounding the event. That’s not a problem for now as i feel that interest for the show will pick up once we get near the event and most tickets on the secondary market will be sold but for now, with the lack of interest with AEW and nothing big happening on their sign, some might see this as they’re first setback and might lead to some seeing this as a sign that this will fail.



It’s wrestlemania season. You think a promotion not coming to the area, who is intentionally not trying to steal the weekend, who doesn’t have a show for 2 months, is going to feel hot heading into the biggest wrestling weekend of the year? Fickle!!!



I think you said it yourself, there isn’t alot of discussion right now because their first event is months away, and like MJ said its Wrestlemania season. I don’t think anyone will be able to tell if this is a success or failure for a few more years to come, as fun as speculation may be. I think the first sign (either way ) will be their TV deal, or lack of.

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If they are able to finalize the deal with warner, it’s a great deal for AEW as it’s a major cable outlet in the u.s and as the history with wrestling. The next challenge for them is to not fall in the same traps WCW felt for back in the day because we all know how tv execs are, if you don’t deliver the goods, no matter how long the contract is for, they will cancel your show in a heartbeat.



Love how everyone’s back on the AEW train. This was the most likely thing from the start if you go back to the first reports.

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If the story of Sasha trying to quit are true, she should. Imagine being the biggest female star with a national brand on Turner with AEW? Compared to being a midcard jobber to the stars for the next 5 years?

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