The inaugural All Elite Wrestling thread


Apparently Sean Ross Sapp of says Randy Orton is a target


Yea…never going to happen. Of all the people on the WWE roster, Orton is one I’d give 0% chance of going to AEW.


Yeah Orton really doesn’t give a shit about wrestling at this point. He just sees it as a job to provide for his five kids and phones in it. You can tell the guy doesn’t want any new challenges or wants to be apart of something new that could change the business. No way is going to take that risk or would he even entertain the thought of it.


The thing is that outside wwe, they’re a lot of guys that are considered true heavyweight anymore and even those seem to want to wrestled more as cruiserweights then actual heavyweights. I get the point that AEW need a more diverse rosters if they want to attract fans outside the hardcore bases, because i’m surely not really interested in what they are selling right now, but with all the wrestling talent available, i don’t see who they could get in the heavyweight division that could attract the more casual fans that don’t necessarily care about the cruiserweight or technical style of wrestling.


I already already talked about this at length about how much smaller the guys in the industry are now compared to 10-35 years ago. You look back at the 90s and every promotion no matter how small all had tons of tall roided up guys on their roster. No big guys are getting into the business anymore. WWE is going out and trying to find these guys and trying to get them to try wrestling.

I still think there is a demand from the casual fans to want to see a guy who looks like Billy Gunn wrestle. I don’t know how well AEW will appeal to casual fans if it is all 5’8 guys with average bodies doing flips.


I remember replying to that post about no big guys getting into wrestling. Again, yes there are. There are more smaller sized guys. The chances are slimmer that the best wrestler in the promotion will be the tall guy.

205 Live isn’t received the way it is because of size.
Randy Orton is friends with Cody (god damn) Rhodes. Likes lighter schedules & money


Orton is someone I could see going to AEW. He’s done everything possible in WWE and his creative hasn’t been all that great the past few years (see Wyatt, Bray).

It’s a lighter schedule and I’m sure they would pay him whatever he wants.


Is anybody excited by anything Orton does anymore? The guy is what he is at this point and just phones it in. I don’t see anything he could do there that would feel fresh or could reinvent himself into something new. They guy hasn’t really changed or improved in any way in the last 14 years


I don’t see Orton going anywhere, he’s already got a really nice deal in WWE with him not being on the live event circuit outside maybe one or 2 big ones. He doesn’t need to show up on a regular bases for TV as well and he’s making more money that almost anybody in WWE. So why would he leave them especially since any deal AEW will throw at him, WWE will match it and maybe even double it. HE’s in the twilight of his career as he said it himself that he’s looking to retire from wrestling soon, kinda like AJ Styles talk about as well, so at this point why not just ride the gravy train for what left of his career and retire in the company that he started with.


Nope, Orton doesn’t excite me in the least. If he’s used on a limited basis and built up for big matches then it could work.

As for why Orton might want to leave, more money and lighter schedule - it’s not rocket science. Also, maybe he doesn’t want to work at the place where they booked Brock Lesnar to bust him open hard way.


Finn Balor known for having fun with the internet, his last 3 instagram posts


So to follow up on this

I am not saying this person (Orton) was offered an AEW deal. I am not saying that happened because I don’t know if that happened. In fact I asked people in AEW about this and I was told:

“We are not tampering. We are not doing that. Our approach is…fresh and independent is the goal for the majority of our recruitment. What you’re likely seeing is a particular agent trying to leverage more money out of WWE by possibly planting shit like this.”


Apparently, Undertaker removed WWE references from his social media. AEW debut confirmed.

This is why I love competition. Even though the Undertaker going to AEW is absurd, you know people will jump on it, just because its something.


The Usos are also rumoured to be possibly leaving.

Just like the Revival, they totally should. Vince doesn’t care about tag team wrestling, never has and never will. If AEW had a tag division of the Bucks, SCU, Lucha Bros, Usos and Revival…that would blow WWE out of the water.

They may actually treat tags as main eventers too.


I’m not going to speculate about anybody in particular, but as mentioned above, anybody with a contract expiring anytime soon (and any kind of value to WWE) would be an idiot to not at least float some rumors that they’re considering a move to AEW. No better way to increase your market value.


Orton to AEW would set this off


By Mike Johnson@ 3:07 PM on 2/6/2019

Regarding several reader questions about rumors relating to several talents:

AJ Styles - The former WWE Champion denied he had come to terms with WWE on a new deal on Twitter several days ago. We are told the two sides have been in discussions for some time and that WWE has made a strong play to keep Styles. Obviously, given Styles’ relationships with The Young Bucks and others now in the All Elite Wrestling fold, one would think there is strong interest in acquiring him if he opts to leave WWE.

The Usos - has been told by multiple sources that the duo’s current deals are slated to expire in April. WWE has been in discussions with the former Tag Team Champions about a new deal.

Dolph Ziggler - We are told that the company’s “relationship” with Ziggler is continuing.


This sign everybody mentality is hilarious…AEW is going to be this magical company where they use everyone and they’ll all be pushed. The first company in the history of pro wrestling to do this.


The hype is so big around this promotion that it has a bigger chance to fail because of it.


If 205 was booked creatively and they pushed the guys like stars it would be a hell of a show. Remember 10-15 years ago AJ, Bryan, Finn, Almas, Cole, Gargabo, Ciampa, maybe even Rollins would have been “205” and those are some of the best characters WWE has right now.