The inaugural All Elite Wrestling thread



Well, I don’t think they’ll miss not having your dollars, or people who think / feel like you.

Thankfully for you, the largest Wrestling promotion on the planet is run by a 73 year old, rich, straight white, Republican, male. I am sure they’ll continue not to serve your needs.


nice to know that i’m not the only one that love 80’s and 90’s wrestling over the current product. I always felt that back in the day, it was easier to get over because you didn’t have social media and everything surrounding it to burst your bubble and tell you it was choreograph. They could get away with doing as little as possible and still get a huge pop from the crowd.

Imagine if some of the biggest stars of that era like Ric Flair or Hulk Hogan would have started in today’s era. They wouldn’t be the major stars they are today because of their limited move set. Fans would bitch about them being slow and other stuff like that.


Thats a pretty divisive and prejudiced attitude to have towards anyone who don’t follow your ideas of how the world should work.

Actually quite ironic.


I get that it’S a slow roll out but at the same time, you need to make some waves a little bit if you want casual fans and fans like me excited about the project. If you don’t follow the current wrestling scene and the biggest name coming out of that press conference is Kenny Omega which a lot of casual fans just know by name and Aja Kong, a legend in women’s wrestling who’s best years in the ring have past her by. That’s not bringing excitement for the project outside of the crowd that will follow the product no matter what they throw at them.

The other problem with AEW is that the hype surrounding it, especially from the IWC side, is so big that if they don’T deliver right away, then what. It’s good that they are giving a chance to all theses wrestlers to makes some money that they probably would be able to do in other company like ROH or MLW but to go out a said right off the bat that this is bad news for WWE and that it’s truly competition for them when they didn’T even have a show yet and they are a unproven commodity is pretty delusional right now. I get that fans are excited by this, but right now, they are more a threat to ROH and MLW then they are to WWE and they it’S going to be really hard for them to get a stable hold of the market, if they don’t deliver on the high expectation of the IWC.


With the arrival of Kenny Omega as an Executive Vice President, I’m very interested in seeing a formal organizational structure for AEW. I’ve heard that Christopher Daniels is Head of Talent Relations–who does he report to in that role? Who does Brandi report to in her role as Chief Brand Officer? Does Chief Brand Officer carry the same organizational weight as an Executive Vice President in AEW? I’m very fascinated by how this company will be structured.


I wouldn’t be shocked if the cable channel they landed on is Bravo after watching that rally. It seems to be their targeted demographic


Yeah, I’m not going down this road. Cool, if that’s how I’m coming off in this situation, that’s what it is.


The hate on Sonny is depressing but not surprising at all.

Change the world! (but not with those weird trans people!).


I’m waiting to see where all of this is going. I don’t want to bet too much on what’s going to happen. There was just this moment during the rally when the Bucks were speaking of the tag division and some guys shouted “Revival” only to have Best Friends making their appearance. I think they will not last without more names.


If AEW puts on 3-5 All In type events and does a weekly show that’s anything but the typical wrestling show, then it’s set out what I have always thought I should set out to do. Be an alternative.

The fact that unique or different types of people are a turn off is disappointing but also, I respect that. Wrestling has always had something for everyone and All In has that.

Not that they should try to do this but imagine a G1 of the following: Omega, Jericho, Cody, Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson, Hangman, Baretta, Chuckie T, Pentagon, Fenix, PAC, MJF, Janela, SCU. That’s a lot of interesting and good matchups. And this is only the Day 1 Roster.

It compares on paper with what ROH or Impact offers and in terms of match quality, these guys can all work. It’s not minor league talent. And while they’ll u doutedbly take flyers in guys like Sonny and Jungleboy, I have no problem with trying to introduce new people to a bigger audience.

Is the Rally or the BTE episodes as of late any less entertaining that stretches of Raw?

NXT is the only show that hits on all cylinders no most the time and they have no name talent involved all the time.

I don’t know what people expected. And I think judging it before it gets its feet under itself is premature. But I get it. Wrestling has become all about immediate gratification and slow builds and longer stories being re-introduced are going to take time to get used to.


I just really have one thought about this mow, if their production values don’t meet.up to All In, i can’t fuck with it tbh.

Because the only product worth watching production wise is MLW, they look different, sound different and slick.


It needs to be better IMO


I’m just not going to get excited until there is TV announced. It’s not quite the same but Global Force had some solid talent and even filmed TV… but they couldn’t find a way to put it on TV. I follow the indies a ton and enjoy a lot of the talent, but I won’t by a thread or merch for a possibility. I hope it succeeds but until there is TV announced I’m not getting my hopes up.


This thread has gone from hoping AEW offers a some real competition to WWE by focusing on the talent and in ring product; to hating on AEW because they are competing with WWE by focusing on the talent and in ring product. If you don’t know who Kenny Omega is, that is just willful ignorance. If you’re homophobic/transphobic, I’m sure ol’ Vinny Mac will welcome you back. No need to hate on a company wanting to do things differently when the current mainstream product is so boring


Yeah, I feel like a good portion of John and Wai’s listener base are the AEW/New Japan loving crowd who follow the modern product intently. I got into them mostly because of their retro reviews on the old “Review-A-Wai” show, and Rewind A Wai is still my favorite podcast of their’s.

Nowadays it’s become more about just having a great match to have a great match. The psychology and storytelling aspect has gotten lost a bit. Sometimes less is more. Also, I feel like the current style relies too much on kicking out of finishers and near falls repeatedly to build drama.

Back in the day, you’d rarely see someone kick out of a Hulk Hogan leg drop or Sting’s Scorpion Death Drop. Selling has taken a back seat as well. Starting to sound a bit like JR here but a lot of his gripes about the modern product are justified in my opinion.

Maybe AEW can bring dynamic storytelling back to wrestling and won’t rely on 20-25 minute long and boring TV rematches with 3 commercial breaks during the match every week like Raw currently does.


I never thought that I cared about production value, but I’ve been watching a lot more (by my own standard) non-WWE and its amazing how accustomed I am to their presentation.

For example, a lot of times I have a match on while playing with my son or doing some work. I’ll hear a pop from a big spot and look up for the replay… and then the replay doesn’t happen.

As obnoxious as it can be when you watch Raw and see the same “big moment” a half dozen times (even more obvious when you’re fast forwarding through commercials), you’ll never finish a current WWE show and not take away the major things they wanted to get across.


Guys, they’re going to sell out MGM Grand with a limited roster that contains no ex-WWE talent and no television.

Things are starting out REALLY good. Lets enjoy the ride.




Fair enough. They have one ex WWE guy who’s best run this decade was outside of WWE (excellent 2002 Jericho photo, btw).