The inaugural All Elite Wrestling thread


CM punk looks like Undertaker at Saudimania but even skinnier…I wouldn’t want to watch him cut a promo, let alone wrestle a match.


Not a real New Japan or indie follower, so I’m mostly basing this on WK13 coverage and other stuff I’ve read… but do you think guys like Scurll and other “known associates” of the AEW guys could get buried while under contract elsewhere? If I’m ROH, NJPW or even WWE (not sure who fits this description there), I might be wary to build around a certain guy if I think he’s signing with a potentially major competitor when his contract is up.

Obviously, you’re not going to kill a guy completely while he can still make money for you, but you might not want to feature him or put him over too many of your established guys unless you have a multi-year deal signed.


Meltzer reported aew, njpw, and Roh
officials were having a meeting this weekend. My guess is Kenny wants to sign njpw but work aew is the u.s. they might need the blessing of ROH to go further? Very interesting.

One of the bucks tweeted “thank you japan” so I don’t see any aew guys working njpw or roh any time soon.

What says you board?


Any big name with an AEW contract should be exclusive. AEW needs to have sometthing unique about it, otherwise it’s just another US independent promotion booking the same guys as ROH, PWG and New Japan.

Also, until their roster grows significantly (in numbers and guys with name recognition), I don’t think they’re in a position to have someone under contract* who might get hurt working for someone else.


All you wrestling geeks under 30 who are super excited about indy wrestling getting set to battle the big bad evil empire and giving them competition for the 1st time since WCW died need to learn a wrestling history lesson. In the early 80s, Vince destroyed his competition by either buying them out or letting them live and eventually see them go bankrupt and at the same time raiding their talent.

I really hate to rain on your parade, but look for Vince to do the same to Tony Kahn.


That’s pretty much what they are doing to other feds already. That’s why NXT got created. To give wwe a reason to sign all the big Indy names from other company. They even have scouts to recruit guys and I’m sure once aew gets started they will send them to their show to try and give them the option of signing with WWE once their contract with AEW is up.


All starts getting very interesting when/if wwe talent start making the jump. Think I’m right in saying Shinsuke Nakamura’s contract comes due at the end of this month, now I don’t know much about AEW but I’ve heard they have a sizeable investment behind them. Make an offer to him see if you can tempt him to make a jump imagine if he shows up at the end of double or nothing it would send a strong message.

I been waiting years for someone like Cesaro to say “you know what Vince, fuck you I’ll go prove myself somewhere else” AEW could be perfect for him.


All I’m hoping is that AEW provides a strong alternative to the WWE on a cable outlet that I can actually watch. The best they can hope for is to be a healthy number 2 federation in North America, and possibly cause the WWE to pick up their game. Nobody is going to topple Vinny Mac, and it’s foolish to try (see TNA for proof)




My big hope is that they get a tv deal on a station we get in Canada so that i can at less see what the fuss is about or at best try to get a deal with the Fight network so that we don’T get less out in the dark when they finally launch.


not to piss on your strawberries but Tony Khan is on another level finance wise to those promoters Vince bought or drove out of business


I will be incorporating this phrase into my daily life as often as possible…


i will invoice you 10 notes everytime you use it.


Are you kidding me? The McMahon family has been in the wrestling entertainment business for decades. Kahn is in it for the money. One huge offer and he’s out!


Tony KHAN(lets spell his name right) was messaging reviews of events to The Meltz while you were at prep school.


Khan is a lifelong fan who I think is in this for the long haul. That being said, you don’t become a billionaire by investing a billion dollars into a wrestling promotion. He will expect a return on his investment. So I would think it’s less than $100M.

And even then it’s success is not just about the money. WWE is synonymous with pro-wrestling. It would take years for another company to have a similar level of familiarity.

  1. Vince has ruined the “WWE Potential” of so many guys that it is realistic for them to want out of his evil empire. A guy like Cessaro or Sami Zayn will and probably can’t ever been taken as a serious main event guy in WWE. Too many guys got pidgeon-holed like Cody and we saw what happy when Cody left.

  2. There are so many more ways for guys and feds to make money than in the 80s so waiting on them to go bankrupt is going to be more difficult. And Vince can’t buy Kahn or The Elite crew - he tried and they turned his offers down.

  3. Vince has a football league to launch and Fox is going to sink their teeth in to Smackdown to see if ultimately it’s worth buying WWE - there’s a better chance Vince sells WWE in 5-10 years than he goes and buys all his competition again aka WCW.

Now where WWE is behaving like it did in the territory days is striking deals with Evolve and Progress and like back then they may ultimately move in and take them over all together like they did with territories.

AEW needs talent share deals (after establishing a 20-25 man roster) to keep WWE from getting hands on too many promotions. This is why it’s so important for NJPW to have an American partner and UK partner and AEW should follow suit. The latter being more difficult


That’s why i feel that tony kahn should let cody and the bucks deals with the wrestling side of the company and just be there for promotion of the company and negotiating deal that doesn’t concern the wrestling side of the business, kinda like how WWE is doing things right now with HHH looking after the wrestling side and Stephanie looking after the business side.

If they do that, it will be easier for them to get other promotions to share their wrestlers with them. The biggest obstacle for them is if Kahn start dealing with the promotion the way he would his football team. If he decide to go the way it’s been rumored and it’s me versus everybody and if you sign with us, you can’t go anywhere else, then the whole thing is doom before it’s start mostly because you will have the honeymoon phase where all the fans will be happy to support them and then when that phase go out then fans will realize that because they are sign to AEW, they can’t see them anymore in the favorite indy fed.

As far as WWE guys, like i wrote before, i don’T see some of the veteran wrestlers go out and sign with them when their contract are up because their at a point in their careers where they are just happy having a steady job and get payed for it. They won’T risk everything on a upstart promotion at this point. I see some of the NXT guys that don’t have as much experience jump or evensome of the younger guys on the main rosters but a sami zayn or cesaro at this point of their career, i don’t see them going especially Zayn who i think will stay until Owens leaves and Owens is there for a very long time as he just sign a new long term contract in 2018.


Uh yeah JDF, that ‘mainsteam’ star wouldn’t do jack shit for AEW. Wake the fuck up, son.

Cesaro is a guy who should totally go to AEW. He’s an incredible worker but hasn’t been given a chance. He’ll be mired in tag team hell forever in WWE.

I know Cody was trying to put together a stable with himself, Breeze and Dillinger in WWE so I could see those guys having some interest. However, that pair won’t make much of an impact.

Honestly, the Revival coming in would be great. Vince will never take them seriously, give them Cornette as a manager and run Bucks/Revival matches.

Nakamura would also be a nice fit, but I think he’s too comfortable making big WWE cheques and surfing.


Saw the report that NJPW will continue working with ROH for now and NOT AEW.

Quick through:
They are co-promoting MSG with ROH. It’d be a bit odd to now upset the Apple cart before then. And fin AEW isn’t running their first show til May anyway, or later in the year, why anger the current partner and not revisit the arrangements in 2H’2019?