The inaugural All Elite Wrestling thread


How long into Raw tonight before somebody uses the word “elite”? I don’t think they make it out of the opening segment.

EDIT: For the record, I don’t think they should be acknowledging AEW at all right now, even in a tongue-in-cheek way. Why lend any credibility to “competition” that hasn’t even run a card yet? But, historically, that’s not really WWE’s style.


Plus let’s face it, there already a lot of people reselling they’re tickets for the MSG shows because of that fact it’S sold out and they can make some money out of this, so you don’t need another reason for the people that bought tickets to the show to go on and sell their tickets. The only reason ROH sold out that show was because of NJPW. If they lose them to AEW they lose a big part of their promotion. Also The New Japan execs are no dummy, if they have a choice between a super indy fed that is well implemented in the u.s market or a company that isn’t even a reality yet and you’re not sure if this will succeed or not, you stick with the safe bet and ROH is the safe bet for them now.


Count me as somebody sitting on extra tickets with intention to sell them.

I think it’s just good business for NJPW to stick with ROH through the MSG show and then figure out what they want to do then. I already mentioned - if AEW isn’t running a show til after MSG, why upset the relationship now.

I think it was John and WH how spoke about Okada being very close with the Bucks and I recall he is who got them in New Japan initially. If Okada goes to the office and says - i’m going to work Double or Nothing and help those guys, you think they are saying no? It’s good business to not do anything until necessary AFTER MSG.

as for MSG - I really don’t think it would have had the success it did without The Elite faction in ROH & New Japan. That’s not to say it wouldn’t sell out or be a success without them, but no double the timing was favorable and smart of ROH to strike while the iron was red hot.

However, it’s going to be a big embarrassment if MSG is half full that night and as of now there is no guarantee anything special is being planned. We’ve heard rumblings, but New Japan is also not known to book strong US cards. So unless a few titles are being defended including the IWGP Heavyweight title and it features a mix of Tanahashi/Oakda/Jericho/Omega/Ibush I fear the card could struggle to draw a house (despite tickets being sold). Jay White vs. Yoshi Hashi isn’t putting ass in seats.


They did a test live stream today and in 3 minutes 7k joined.


Can somebody explain to me why Chase Owens is staying in New Japan and not joining All Elite. He’s literally a multi man tag fall guy with no future pushes in New Japan. Why not try to make it as something more in america?


I’d rather see Yujiro in AEW.


I doubt anybody in AEW will be over 6 ft tall or even 200 lbs. There is a good chance it will be indistinguishable from 205 Live.


they mention in their press release that they will get the best talents but the problems is that most of the best talent that is left on the indy’s are under 6ft tall and are pretty much cruiserweight. Because most of the talent over 6ft are under contract to either ROH, MLW or WWE/NXT.


I wonder if it will hurt AEW just to have small guys doing cruiserweight matches. IMO it will make them look super indy just to have that. They need to look major league from the get go. Billy Gunn is the main producer and he will probably be a good 6 inches taller and 60 lbs heavier than anybody on the roster.


LOL at still talking about this in 2019. Your opinion is your opinion, but I feel bad for you that most of the wrestling happening in the world is passing you by.


You are right. I’m 33 and am still accustomed to wrestlers being tall and roided up. Watching a bunch of 5’8 170 lb guys doing flips might always feel minor league to me


I’m excited for what these guys are doing, regardless of size or whatever, they already have a ton of talent here. I hope Kenny joins them, I’d love to see him and Jericho here… him against Daniels would be awesome, just a lot of great potential matchups. And it seems like the performers are going to have a lot of input into the creative aspects…no Kenneth Alpha or Daniel Christopher name changes here! Anxious to see how they pull it off.


Joey Janella was the biggest surprise as he is the Game Changer brand. That’s a great get. And PAC. The roster is already on par with ROH in my opinion.

If they can bring in Pentagon and Fenix.
Ibushi will come in for shows if Kenny is there
Gotta assume Joey Ryan comes in.

That’s a hell of a core. Add in new talent they talked about we don’t know about yet and any WWE guys (#FTR, Ryder). I’d love to see them get some Stardom women.

Very good first impression.


As someone who got rid of the network and quit watching after Saudi Arabia, I am really excited there’s going to be another company out there that might help bring my love of wrestling back.


Very interesting that PAC is in. This forces New Japans hand a lot. Pac is in Dragon Gate. Kenny has history in Dragon Gate. Ibushi is free. If New Japan doesn’t strike a working relationship would they partner with Dragon Gate?


I would definitely start paying more attention to Dragon Gate.


I’ll wait until they produce atleast two months of tv to even form an opinion on this.


Wait until they run two months of television and we'll have that discussion.

— Dave Meltzer (@davemeltzerWON) January 9, 2019


Points 2 & 3 remain to be seen. As far as your 1st point, I can’t speak for under utilized wrestlers in WWE, but if I were offered better opportunities elsewhere but the pay wasn’t as good as my current employer, I would turn it down based on the fact that a lot of them have families to support.


So we going to salivate over who makes the jump, then realize they’re taking spots from the OG performers and pretend that this wasn’t one of TNA’s biggest mistakes?