The inaugural All Elite Wrestling thread


if we get the Angle/Christian type move rather than the Sandow AEW will be fine


But you won’t because all the major stars won’t jump from WWE to AEW. At best you will have guys the caliber of apollo crews, tye dillinger and most of the guys that are on the WWE main event level and are barely seen on tv.

Also until they have prove themselves to be a solid promotion, WWE performers won’t take a chance on jumping to AEW mostly because like mention before, a lot of them have families and with WWe they have job security which they won’T have With AEW.


I want to be best friends with Tony Khan



I highly recommend anyone who wants to know what is at the heart of All Elite Wrestling to listen to Tony speak for 20 minutes. To say he’s a wrestling nerd is mild. Tape trader since he was 7, spends his free time between major roles at two professional sports franchises attending wrestling. Quotes finishes and dates of matches. This is truly going to be for fans because he is as big a fan as I’ve ever heard talk about wrestling.


I’m just hoping that he remember that he’s a businessman first and a fan second because if he goes in this with a fans mentality instead of business mentality, this will fail.


X Pac brought up healthcare for performers, Khan said it was for full time employees…WWE already does that.

Equal pay…nope, it’s hierarchy base, just like WWE…people better get that shit out of their heads because I saw alot of glad handing and golf claps over that.


1 how many wrestlers have front office jobs in WWE to receive healthcare?

  1. Do you know the discrepancy between men and women in NXT? Have you seen the difference in base pay for Dolph Ziggler (not a top male) and Charlotte/Becky (top females)?


This has been clarified.


Reiteration against the rules now?


Charlotte makes more than Dolph…she’s in the 7 figure club.

Also…let’s pretend Ronda is making less than Seth Rollins :roll_eyes:


As of the leaked contract information in early 2018 which is posted online (if that is fabricated info, then I would love to be corrected with the right information):

Dolph makes $1.4 million + earns 3.5% share from merchandise sale and his ppv earnings increased up to $250k per main event
Charlotte $550,000 + Extra bonus on winning main event matches

So unless that information is extremely fabricated there is a wide gap; I wouldn’t consider Dolph anywhere near as important to the company as Charlotte.

And we can debate it from here to the moon, but I think Rousey is incredibly more valuable (and therefore should be paid a lot higher) than Seth Rollins and here’s the question to ask to prove it: Would Fox have paid as much had WWE not had Ronda? Would they pay without Seth? The bottom line is Ronda brings so much more value to the company than just another male top performer. I’d argue there are only two male performers under full time deals that even matter to WWE in relation to that question: Cena and Brock. Everyone else can be replaced and/or phased out without much of a blip.


Downside guarantee shouldn’t be measured with actual earnings.

Then again…unless it’s in WWE’s quarterly reports…you can’t trust any earning reports online unless you get it directly from people.


Hold on, now you lost me - we are talking about an equal pay scale for Men and Women in relation to downside guarantees, or what Tony/Waltman were discussing was “base pay” (and what Brandi said was starting point). No shit actual earnings is going to be drastically different as it should be. Nobody would ever argue otherwise and sound reasonable. Nor would you pay a main event talent the same as an undercard wrestler.
But if the base pay for equal spots is the same, that is not what WWE does. And it is even more abysmal in NXT where we are talking about 5 figures, not 6.


from what i’ve read, ziggler had a really good agent that negotiated his deal. That’s why he got the contract he has. When Charlotte goes to renegotiate her contract, she probably get has much as ziggler or higher if she got a good agent to negotiate her deal


Jericho isn’t signing with these guys unless they have some sort of TV deal so I see that happening.

And what I really like about Khan is that - yes he’s a wrestling nerd - but he’s a sports guy.

That’s one of my big gripes with WWE, they try to present themselves as sports but it’s obvious Vince has no clue about how to present the product in that way.

If Khan can bring some of the pro sports feel - he has experience with NFL and soccer - I think this thing has a big chance to be successful.


Are you even a wwe fans? Not disrespect but I’ve been watching wwe for 32 years now and they never tried once to present the product that way.

For Vince, he always tried to present the product as entertainment more so then as a real sports. The character and storytelling aspect of the show is more important to him then trying to present it as real sports.

That’s why pretty much everybody else is trying to present it as real sports because they know that wwe isn’t going in that direction and that the hardcore fans want the product to go.

I feel that Khan know that as well and will try to find a way to do something different with his product so that aew don’t look like every other promotion.


I think you and @TheBenjamin are saying the same thing: That while they may try - they fail.

I want a “In Khan We Trust” shirt.


It’s been the only TV option if you’re a wrestling fan for 18 years so there hasn’t been much choice.

And WWE seems to like to call themselves sport when networks pay big money for sports (like the last TV deal).


Not really, from what I’ve read, they always called themselves sports entertainment during big negotiation and for the last tv deal with fox they sold them the whole package which is a entertainment show with athletic in it. Now fox wants to change the concept and have smackdown look more like real sports and less like a entertainment show but that between fox and WWE.