The inaugural All Elite Wrestling thread


Wrong. When UFC got the big deal from ESPN, WWE angled themselves as similar. Get better at reading.


can you give me your source please because i read that from a interview Vince and HHH gave after they made the deal.


We all know in order for this to work it has to be on a major cable channel. Any suggestions? Can we cancel out any channel related to FOX and NBC since they have rights on WWE. Can we cancel out FX, Fox Sports, SYFY, and NBC sports? If they can get on ESPN (long shot) or TBS that would be huge and ideal.

Any guesses on what the best channel they can get on is?


Right now, the best they could do would be TNT/TBS or maybe Spike TV if they are interested in wrestling again. Outside of that you got WGN that might be a big enough channel for them.

But that’S pretty much it as Fox already as a deal with WWE, so that eliminates all the cable stations affiliated with them (FX, Fox sports, etc…), NBC as a deal with WWE as well, so that elimnate everybody under that unbrella (SYFY,USA,NBC SPorts, ETC…) The CW won’t change the programming schedule for wrestling, CBS is way too big of a network for wrestling to be on it. You might be able to convince ABC give them a tv deal and get them on ESPN, that’s again depends on how the relationship Between ABC/Disney and WWE is at the moment. So their best bet would be either TNT/TBS, Spike TV or WGN if they want somewhat of a big exposure in the u.s and canada.


I really think ESPN 2 would be a great fit for them. Nearly every one has it and it is pretty prominent. I’m positive it would draw better ratings than what they put on there in prime time also. Not sure if they would break ties with WWE though.


that’s the problem right now because ESPN is control by Disney and normally DIsney doesn’T like to sign deal with upstart companies like AEW. They like to affiliate themselves with known brand and entity like the WWE, the NBA and other major leagues. Just look how they have pretty much the control of every major franchises in entertainment right now. So i feel the only chance they would have to get on ESPN2 would be if Tony Kahn comes in and maybe tell them they can air the Jaguars Games on ESPN anymore or offer to talk to the NFL to see if they can get a better tv deal with them in exchange, but has is, ESPN2 is really a long shot.


Something Turner affiliated

Or if you read into it. Disney/ESPN: the Bucks were at Disney Japan A LOT during their trip there (that really reading deep into Instagram but it wouldn’t be far fetched they were comped and hosted as part of negotiations and they have children etc)


Gobble up indie stars, make them exclusive…use WWE cast offs and use elder wrestlers, while the promoters are active wrestlers…yeah that works out fine.




I dont see ESPN being a possibility - they already have UFC and have worked with WWE in the past so I don’t think that’s likely.

WGN and TNT are really the best and only choices. Anything below those channels is a disappointment, IMO.


Didn’t WGN air the preview of All In?

Seems like a shit channel tbh.


Yep - pretty decent, I think they reach like 80 million homes. Also carried WWE Superstars a few years back


Turner (tbt or tbs)


Stephen Amell is practically a god on the CW. He should help them get a spot.


Spike is now called Paramount and I don’t think anybody has seen it as a major cable channel ever. Anything below TBS would be a let down. CW, WGN and Paramount are all second tier channels. For this to really work and compete with WWE the only even slightly possible options are TNT, TBS, or ESPN 2. I guess it could start on a place like WGN just to get some legs but eventually it has to be on one of those 3.


But If they want to get exposure outside of the u.s, WGN, paramount and CW are a better option as all three network has clearance in Canada as well as the u.s which give them more eyeballs in North America without having to negotiated 2 different tv deals. If they go for tnt, tbs or espn2, they get some great exposure in the u.s but that it.

Anyway, the last thing they need to do right now or for a long time is try to compete with wwe. If they want to be successful, focus on what you do and forget about the trying to outdo wwe because that how pretty much every upstart company died and the checklist is pretty big.


Except Arrow is ending and Amell isn’t exactly Greg Berlanti.


You must be able to time travel. Because I’m more than 100% certain that Arrow will at least be one more season after this current one. So I’d really like to know how you have seen all the way to mid-late 2020 already.


Don’t overlook Sky or another major outlet in the UK being possible with the ties Khan has over there.

Serious question:
Do you think NFL owners would support or push this endeavor with Vince once again starting the XFL. I know Ebersol’s son is starting a league too but from what I understand that’s to be a real minor league. Not like the XFL trying to reimagine football

Hear me out, most media involved in Sports panders to the NFL. And Wrestling has already seen an increase in value thanks to the WWE TV rights deal. Well what also increases when a certain property rises in value - all other properties that are perceived to be worth more like The NFL and to an extent the premier league and soccer tv rights. It’s a way to continue to raise the market for live sports and also doubles as a potential way to keep any other football products from working with a network.

Super deep and a stretch but I am also the same guy who related to Tony Khan saying wrestling fans see an angle in everything :man_shrugging:


Pretty sure I’m more on the Stephen Amell isn’t Greg Berlanti that show runs half that network.

But let’s focus on time travel…because…reasons.