"The Launch / Patreon Reaction" - POST Production Ep. 1

Hey POSTmarks,

Here is a preview of our new video journal we’re calling POST Production.

“Double Double”, “Iced Capp”, and “Espresso” patrons can check out an UNCUT version of this video by signing up and clicking here.

Episode 1 features us launching our website moments before 12 /// 24 /// 17 and our immediate reactions to receiving our first patron.

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This was awesome I am so glad you shared with us thank you guys I am listening to smackdown rewind now


You deserve it :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:You deserve it :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


thank you for sharing this piece of history with all of us !!!

we’re not worthy :bowing_man: we’re not worthy :bowing_man: we’re not worthy :bowing_man:


This was real, and you guys always keep it real and that’s why we all are so happy to contribute. No schtick, just authenticity and that’s never been on display more. Thanks!!


This I why I like you guys, it’s why I support and will continue to do so. This was a great and real moment and I’m glad you caught it on tape.

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As a fellow person who works in production, what in the hell did you guys shoot this with? I’m gonna assume a cellphone…but come on Wai, you’re a professional camera operator. Add more light to help the image sensor.

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This was great, if you ever do roundtable shows with people it would be cool to video record them as well as audio. It was great to see your guy’s reactions to those early pledges, awesome stuff.


I believe there’s a setting for production and a setting for authenticity and convenience. My hope for these is to let our supporters feel like they’re on a Facetime call with us. I want them to feel immediate and not so precious, if you know what I mean. The iPhone 6s selfie cam does suck, though.


I will happily contribute to the purchase of a selfie stick for future recordings. I felt bad you guys were doing it hand-held the entire time and wanted to tell you it’s fine if you just place the phone against something and capture whatever you could. Where can I send a Selfiestick?

It was really enjoyable to see behind-the-scenes of the website launch. All we need now is a thread dedicated to breaking down the background in Wai’s room Zapruder-film-style.

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Loved this. I hope to see more from during podcast recording maybe. Especially if you have guests.

This was really cool to see. I’m thrilled for you guys and looking forward to going along for the ride!

I’m actually getting one this week. As a videographer, I’m not proud of it, but it’s a necessary evil.

This was fantastic. So awesome to be able to see your reactions in real time as people started supporting POST. I’m really looking forward to more of these.

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Glad you guys are continuing these Raw and SD breakdowns, and now doing your own thing. As a Brit I identify with you guys’ take on WWE patriotism and general dry take on the product in general.

Look forward to becoming a Patreon, just to get in on those old reviews.

Keep up the great work

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Love it! Could be a good option.

Love the behind the scenes stuff! I feel like I was at Tim Horton’s