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Rich Fann and WH Park are joined by Andrew Greenidge (co-owner of Iman Vellani’s fav comic shop, Heroes World) to review The Marvels.

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They dive deep into the themes, audience response and questions coming out of the film, including how Carol Danvers’ loneliness was portrayed, the future of the MCU that is Kamala Khan, and how Monica Rambeau can be the bridge between worlds leading into Secret Wars.

Additionally, the trio read POST Café member thoughts about the movie.

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Dc jermaine from chicago. The marvels was ok. Ms marvel carried the film they got it so right with iman Vellani and so wrong with Brie Larson. Her and mark ruffalo remains the worst casting in the mcu even when Jonathan Majors should be behind bars. The part when they went to the singing planet was cringe. They explained they singing but no explanation of them doing magic also. I’m here for the discussion because it’s seems people are scared. Brie Larson physically does not look the same as she did in the first movie, is there no food in space? If Chris evans or Chris hemsworth came to the sequel of capt america or thor 25 lighter we would all say are they aren’t invested or are they here just for a check? Lastly we unfortunately watched secret invasion right? That is not the same Nick fury. Maybe that was a clone. Loki season two was good but the mcu is in a rut. Their best movie this yr was guardians of the Galaxy 3 this yr. James Gunn is the man who I will trust to get us out this superhero fatigue. Have a great week